Multiple Uses Of Inflatable Movie Screens For Live Broadcast Events

When people of a certain generation think of movies, it is all about the big screen projector, giant reels of film and red velvet ropes. Movies were all about glitz and glamour. Today’s movie-goers have completely different experiences and expectations. There are 3D glasses, surround sound, action seats that vibrate during the film and even some places where you can order food and drinks right from your seat. That might sound similar to the days of drive-in movies when there were speakers you attached to the window and the opportunity to take food right to your car. Certain businesses have made it their goal to re-ignite the outdoor movie experience, and technology has caught up to the point where that is possible. With inflatable movie screens for live broadcast events, it is possible to stage all sorts of events.

Outdoor movies don’t have to be drive-ins. There’s a whole market waiting to be explored – portable movie screens for camping or even concerts in the great outdoors. Today’s consumers want immediate gratification. They want to create their own realities, watch the game outside from the backyard or pool, plan a party and even advertise in out-of-the-way locations. Inflatable movie screens for live broadcast events allows for creativity in advertising, planning unique marketing events, and keeping employees happy.


Advertising is an industry full of challenges. Defining consumers and predicting their needs and wants is a bit like pulling out a crystal ball and throwing money into the ether. Billboards can be distracting, printing flyers is time-consuming and often a waste of time, it has to be a gimmick that makes people stand up and take notice, or perhaps just pause for half a second and move on. Hosting a launch event can draw a crowd and inflatable movie screens for live broadcast events are sure to be the main attraction. What’s not to like about a TV that can go anywhere and not break? Imagine hosting an outdoor concert and being able to extend the reach of the viewer by adding some screens to the back of the area, or being able to draw in buyers by giving them a taste of the action from across the square.


Inflatable movie screens for live broadcast events can be used for marketing, large-scale parties, movie events, film festivals and even fundraisers. As a business owner, imagine for a minute that you want to emphasize the durability of a product. Take an inflatable screen to the waterpark and send it down a slide, or drop one into a waterfall, recover it and then demonstrate its amazing ability to withstand the harshness of nature. Use them as electronic signage to remind people to take their litter off of hiking trails or not to feed the wildlife. Inflatable movie screens for live broadcast events are only as limited as the user’s imagination.

Traditional TV screens are used in businesses everywhere to entertain customers, disseminate information or to broadcast shows and sporting events. Often a business will show things that are relevant to their own industry. Why not use the ten minutes while a customer is waiting for her ski boots to be molded to demonstrate the advantages of this year’s new skis? Electronics stores will demonstrate their products – showing off special effects and demonstrating sound systems in order to make sales. Technology has come such a long way that any really new product stands out from the rest.

Employee Engagement

Running a business comes with all sorts of challenges, not the least of which is keeping the employees happy and engaged. Happy employees are more productive employees, which in turn helps the business run a profit. Employee appreciation events are one venue, training is another. Employees appreciate that businesses care enough about them to provide them with up to date knowledge about the market or the employee’s particular area of expertise. Inflatable movie screens for live broadcast events may be used to run training seminars or to display the company slideshow.

Marketing is unique to every situation. Inflatable movie screens for live broadcast events can be used for advertising, creative event planning or to maintain employee relations. As a business owner it is important to be both flexible and creative while managing assets efficiently. A screen that can be used in multiple formats is a worthwhile investment. Feel free to add the velvet ropes.

This article was written by Tyler Farell, an experienced content writer and publisher on the topics related to inflatable bounce house movie screen.