Tips For Finding The Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

The arches of a person’s feet determines how they walk, and how their feet are supported. When an individual has virtually no arches, this is what is termed as “flat feet”. This causes him or her to have feet that rest entirely on the ground.
Having flat feet can lead to problems, since it is a sign of the feet being over-pronated, or having an arch that collapses when your feet hit the ground. This is especially troublesome if the person does not take measures to protect his or her feet.
Solutions To Running with Flat-Feet
Luckily, there have been advances in shoe technology that have made it possible for people who are flat-footed to have a comfortable walk or run. The key is to have proper support, and for the shoe specifically to be designed without an arch in the sole. There are numerous brands on the market which create such shoes, so you are in luck. You do not even have to spend too long finding them, if you have the right resources at hand.
Stability, Motion Control, and Support
It is crucial that the shoe be designed with stability, motion control, and support in mind. Without one of these elements, it will not really be beneficial to a flat-footed individual.
Those who have serious over pronation should look for shoes that have great motion control, which go a step beyond shoes that merely have stability features. Stability shoes are made with a medial post that is crafted out of dual density foam.
This is injected below medial part of the arch, and it may be extended all the way to the person’s heel. You can tell when a shoe has the dual density foam, as it often appears as a darker piece of foam along the midsole.
There are some runners who do not like having this hard piece in their shoes. Test them out by walking around a store in this type of shoe, because you will not like running in them if they are uncomfortable for you to walk in. This will save you time and energy in the long run.
If you do not want to spend hours at a shoe store, looking through the various options, you can view buying guides online. Find one that specifically has a section related to the best running shoes for flat feet. Having recommendations on the best shoes to purchase for your type of feet will take much of the stress and hassle out of the task.
Experts in the field of sports medicine likely will put out lists of their best running shoes for flat feet. Also, look for fitness/sports magazines, as well as some other types of publications, to include buying guides for running shoes.
Consider picking up a stand alone buying guide if you do not already have a subscription to such magazines. If running is truly important to you, then you will want to ensure that you have optimal comfort during the time you spend running. Otherwise, you may give up on it.
Jason Stewards is a law student and avid runner from Minnesota, who blogs on, a website that provides reviews on some of the most popular running shoe brands.