How To Know If You Should Remove That Troublesome Tooth

How To Know If You Should Remove That Troublesome Tooth

If a tooth has been damaged or has decayed quite badly, your dentist may give you the options of attempting to save it or having it extracted. While you should absolutely take his or her recommendation into your decision, there are other factors you must decide for yourself.

The Discomfort Involved

While most people would agree that having a tooth pulled is no picnic in the park, plenty would say the pain is over rather quickly. If all goes to plan, meaning the tooth does not break off during extraction and no other problems arise, you can be out of the office with pain medicine in hand in under an hour. Root canals and other lengthy procedures can take hours or multiple visits to complete, and they have something of a reputation for being painful in some individuals. If you have issues with local anesthetic not working properly, ask yourself if the potential pain is worth it.

The Aesthetic Aspect

If the tooth in question is a retained wisdom tooth or the very last molar in the row, you may decide to have it pulled out. This is especially true if its ‘partner’ tooth, meaning the one directly opposing it when you bite down, is already damaged or extensively repaired. If the tooth is in the front of your mouth, think long and hard about having it pulled. You may feel self-conscious about the gap and it may cause your other teeth to shift and become unsightly. You can also consider having a front tooth replaced with an implant, bridge or partial denture, so discuss these options if they interest you.

The Annoyance Factor

For those who have tried unsuccessfully to save teeth in the past, the prospect of going through all of that once again may can be daunting. Some people have soft teeth or fragile enamel that necessitates multiple repairs to the same tooth, potentially only to losing the tooth later anyway. If you have ‘problem teeth’ but want to to save the tooth, seek a dentist like those with Franklin Dental Centre in Fort McMurray that specializes in restorative procedures.

Future Plans for Dental Work

If you plan to have your teeth all pulled within the next few years, there is little reason to restore back teeth. If dentures are on the horizon, getting a tooth pulled might be right decision. On the other hand, if you are planning partials or bridges, you will want to keep as many teeth as possible to act as anchors.

Deciding whether or not to have a tooth extracted is sometimes left up to you by your dentist. Considering these four factors will help you come to the right choice for your personal situation.