The Best Gift Ever Received!

It may-be because of the sentimental value they hold or simply for the reason that they are truly personalized and we cannot help but, praise them every-time we see it. These little treasures adorn our homes and add a sense of tranquil beauty which celestially enhances the atmosphere.
Your Very Own Treasure Chest: This is a masterpiece and a very thoughtful, classy gift that you can think of! It can be custom-made as per your choice in any design, pattern and material (The old-world charm wooden chest is most widely used) and you can fill it up with the most memorable souvenir that you treasure or maybe little kitschy knick-knacks. You are at liberty to choose what you put inside the treasure chest it’s your treasure after-all. It is fun accessory and forms a great conversation art piece.
Toast With Your Name: This serves as a great anniversary or wedding gift. But, it can be used for other important events too that call for a celebration; like a Birth of a child, Graduation, Promotion etc. It consists of a Champagne or wine glass with the names and any specific significant date. You can add a personal message too on the glasses. So, now you can raise a toast in style and also let others know to keep their hands off your drink, because it bears your name on it!
Keep-Sakes Photo Box: This is another hit in the personalized gifting section and is of great demand because it serves a utility purpose and doesn’t just add beauty to the décor. It contains a personal picture or a compiled collage of individuals that is framed neatly in a wooden box (on the upper lid section that opens the box) which can be used to keep jewelry, letters, candies or other small things. It looks elegant and serves a dual purpose of storage and a frame. A unique idea rather than having just a plain photo- frame.
Come Alive In A Crystal Cube: You may have millions of pictures and varied photo-frames of different styles and materials and also the digital frames that are seen every-where. But, nothing can beat your personal image in a crystal clear cube in 2D or 3D. It captures a special memory for a lifetime in a sophisticated manner. It is great to surprise your loved ones, who won’t atop appreciating how dazzling and unique the gift is. It is suitable for every occasion. It leaves an ever-lasting impression on the receiver and will adorn their personal space
Decorate Your Personal Space: This idea involves picking up removable wall stickers or decals and surprising your loved ones. It can be used personally and is great for gifting too. Just gauge the personality, like and taste of the one you want to gift it to and then pick a corresponding design and pattern that matches them. It is uniquely refreshing and can transform the mood, feel and ambience of any space drastically and dramatically. So add a little fun, color, style and design to your life and also in the life of others by using these sticky lovelies. They are zero maintenance and can be cleaned and applied easily. The best part is they are easily available around you and there is no hard-work needed to search for them. So hear the calling of your plain, dull and boring walls let them come alive. Decorate them to transform your personal space at any time.
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This guest post was supplied by Jon Dunn of i-Fluid Media on behalf of Bouf. Bouf is the leading UK website for novelty gifts and personalised presents.