How To Buy A Cheap Flat Screen TV

How To Buy A Cheap Flat Screen TV

Gone are the days when the television set looked so bulky and the TV screen so small. Likewise, gone are the days when the images on the television screen were black and white. I guess those forgone days sometimes seem to be just a figment of our imagination or a century away from our present day of flat TV screens whose manufacturers vie for the bigger share of the market. There are many traditional TV manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, RCA, Hitachi, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hannspree, and Yamaha, and many upcoming newbies who are currently vying for a greater share of the Television buying market. Therefore, the question nowadays which hounds a person who wants to buy a TV would be: “Which flat screen TV is most economic yet reliable enough to last for several years after the warranty has expired? There are sites which give reliable and good reviews of flat screen TV’s manufacturers such as cnet and FlatScreenReviews. It would do you good to visit these sites.

Leading Flat Screen TV Manufacturers

We are quite familiar with the bigwigs in flat screen TV manufacturing. Names such as Philips, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, LG are bynames in TV manufacturing industry. These names are so much associated with flat screen TV’s that whenever we want to buy a good and reliable TV set, we look up for the flat screen TV tagged with these names. These manufacturers are indeed reliable enough if we want to have a decent and efficient flat screen TV. Yet, their prices are sometimes not cheap enough for people who are barely at the bottom of the middle class. So we need to look somewhere else for reliable flat screen TV’s which are affordable and at the same can provide us with the simple satisfaction of watching our favorite programs on the flat screen.

Where to Find Cheaper Flat Screen TV’s

Manufacturers sometimes have that period in the selling year wherein they overhaul or dispose their old flat screen TV models in favor of their new ones. For this reason, in their desire to dispose of the old stocks, they sometimes offer them for sale in a lower prize. It would be good to chance upon these yearly sales of flat screen TV’s to get yourself a cheaper flat screen TV. However, there are other ways to buy cheaper flat screen TV, and you can do it online by visiting some online sites which auction and sell TV items such as eBay, Craiglist, Amazon, and many more.

Buying a Cheaper Flat Screen TV set on eBay

EBay is one of the most popular auction sites in the world today. Items ranging from simple pen and pencils are sold on eBay and it is easy to buy from eBay. First, you got to sign up at eBay. Afterwards, if you already have an eBay account, you can then use the search tab and narrow down your search to flat screen TV set. You will discover that there are sellers who want to dispose of their slightly used flat TV screen at a lower and affordable price. The mechanics of buying on eBay is simple. The seller set the minimum bid for his/her item. Then you can start bidding for the item until the bidding time expires. Then, the highest bidder wins the item and pays it using PayPal or other means of online payment. It’s fun and exciting to bid on eBay. Yet, one caveat before you locked in on a bid is to make sure that you study the seller’s feedback. EBay thrives on feedback system. You will know whether a seller is honest or not from the feedback given him/her by her previous buyers. With all these ideas about online bidding on eBay, you can now proceed with your online bid.

Another online way to buy cheap flat screen TV’s is through Amazon, like eBay sells cheap flat screen TV’s. You can casually visit to search for TV sets on sale and you will surely find a lot of flat screen TV sets with cheaper prices.  Likewise, you can compare prices and zero in on the cheaper and more affordable flat screen TV. It is easy and you will find it enjoyable shopping at

Buying a Flat Screen TV at Craiglist

You should visit and search for “For Sale” categories. Then you should narrow down your choice to flat screen TV. You should at least follow the buyer’s instruction and somehow exchange emails. You can negotiate for the price of the item you would like to buy. But, like eBay, you should be very careful not to fall prey to online scams. There are plenty of scammers online and they are like vultures that are ready to devour any unsuspecting buyer.

So aside from FlatScreenReviews and cnet which give us good reviews of flat screen TV’s, the other viable means of searching for cheaper and more affordable flat screen TV’s would be online. Right at the very comfort of your room, you can be bidding on eBay, haggling for a lower price at craiglist, or comparing prices of flat screen TV’s at

There are traditional manufacturers of flat screen television sets which are really reliable when it comes to quality and warranty of products. Big names such as Samsung, Philips, Sharp, Sony and many more are always at the top of flat screen market. Yet, if you want to buy cheaper flat screen TV’s, you got plenty of options whether online or offline. You just have to discover these viable options and you will surely find a cheaper flat screen TV to buy.

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