The Secret Reason People Buy Run-flat Tyres

The Secret Reason People Buy Run-flat Tyres

Go to any dealer and they will try their very best to make you buy run-flat tyres. Of course, run-flat tyres are great as they are designed to be used even if the outer tyre wall is punctured. Usually, most run-flat tyre models can be driven for 30mph for the next 50 miles. And this should be enough to get you to the nearest garage or home.

But how many of us actually experience blow-outs? It’s not like we are international spies facing gun-toting people following us on the road and trying to blow out our tyres!

Run flat tyres should not have been popular as they are expensive but surprisingly, almost every consumer car now does use run-flat tyres and most people are happy to pay the extra costs.

What could possibly be the reason? Aren’t you curious? Let’s find out.

The Secret is Out: Reason For Investing In Run Flat Tyres

The primary reason is fear. We may not be international spies but we have heard enough horror stories about cars breaking down on back alley roads in the middle of nowhere.

No one wants to come across nasty, evil people who will take advantage of you because your car tyre had a blowout. The very thought makes my hair stand up and investing in run-flat tyres for this reason seems like an excellent life-saving (and immediate) option.

The secondary reasons for investing in run flat tyres are just as good as well.

  • Let’s be frank. Not all of us know how to change tyres. Tackling a tyre chnage for the first time on a dark lonely road is not confidence inspiring for anyone. Blowouts on a run-flat are fine. They will allow you to drive your car until you come to a populated area or a nearby garage to complete minimal repairs.
  • Run-flats also make it easier to control the car in case of a blowout or a puncture. Anyone who has experienced this knows that a puncture at high speed can cause dangerous accidents due to an out of control car. As a result, most family cars now opt for run-flats to ensure driver and passenger safety at high speeds.
  • Spare saving is another option. It can happen to the best of us. Your tyre has blown out and you forgot to repair the spare. Now you are stuck with two flat tyres in the middle of nowhere. With a run flat, this ‘minor’ problem is a part of the past.
  • If you have a run-flat tyre, you obviously do not have to carry spare parts, appliances and tools to help you switch tyres. This saves time, energy, and a lot of headache. That’s as good a reason as any for opting for run-flat tyres.
  • Most drivers with run-flat tyres are much more careful while driving. They know that if the tyre has a blow out, the only option is expensive tyre replacement. Run-flat tyres are difficul to trepair!

Most people have realized the benefits offered by run-flat tyres and they are more than likely to spend more to invest in road safety and personal safety. There are a plethora of reasons people are buying run-flat tyres. What is your secret reason?

By Azzam Sheikh

The article was written by Azzam Sheikh, a consultant at Tyre-Shopper UK.