Exclusive Type Of Diamond Watch – A Creation Of Jacob & Co

Born as Yakov Arabov, the well known jeweler, Jacob adapted his professional translation of his name, when he entered into the world of jewelry. From a young age, he had an interest in the matter of various sorts of jewelry and also timepieces. Although he did not carry on his formal education of his life, he had completed a course of jewelry-making of about six months. At a time when he became 17 years old, he began to design his pieces of ornaments, taking the idea from his own mind. Later, he even set up his factory in the diamond district of the city of New York.

Gradual Development and Introduction of Diamond

With the considerable development of his name as well as his brand, that is, Jacob & Co, Jacob the Jeweler grew to be more artistic. He has inserted diamonds on each of the things from timepieces, gold ropes, and also Jesus lockets to sneakers and some cases.

Releasing of a Special Type of Watch and the details of it

Mr. Jacob as one of the first class Jewelers launched the first automatic watch having a tourbillion device with several time zone systems and it makes the company a standout in the market. During the year of 2005, the jewelry firm – Jacob & Co has taken an initiative to fix the watch with black colored baguette diamonds, making the exclusive, limited model of Diamond Rainbow Tourbillion.

Revealing the development of the brand, this Tourbillion uses their formerly created custom way of placing diamonds straight on the dial, creating a timepiece unsurpassed for its machinery and style, but with a simple border. The main purpose of the tourbillion device is to remove faults of rate in the upright position. It includes a mobile carriage that is carrying all of the pieces of the escapement, having a balance in the midpoint.

The particular time zone utility differs by mode, with the watches covering twenty four time zones, besides the major zone of the definite wearer. The twenty jewel motion runs at a frequency of about 21600 vibrations every hour, along with one twenty hour of power reserve. The motion is an automatic, manual twisting tourbillion tool.

Some Other Facts About this Company

Jacob and Co. presents a range of jewelry catering to all quality conscious customers at a good price. All the diamonds that are sold are personally chosen by Mr. Jacob. In the present market, most of the diamonds are not cut appropriately so it needs an expert’s idea to choose the best one. The company carries a wide variety of sizes as well as qualities in stock comprising some that exhibit heart and arrow shaped look. For the buyers of engagement ring and marriage bands , the company has several rings along with mountings in the stock for you. Among the other pieces of jewelries, there are platinum rings, armlets, lockets, earrings, and so on. Since the company designs and creates many of the pieces themselves, they can offer a broad range of diamond grades and costs for those within a budget.