Up And Coming Winter Fashion Trends For 2013

Winter is the best time for you to update your wardrobe with trendy warm clothing. So as the winter season approaches, you need to get heavy and attractive clothes that will not only keep you warm and comfortable, but also allow you to look cute and stylish. The following are some of best winter fashion trends to go for this year:

1. Camel Coats

These timeless coats are available in a variety of impressive colours lengths that you can choose from. Keep it casual during the day by pairing your camel coat with jeans. In the evening, you can pair it with any of your favourite evening dresses. Whether you are going to work, party, or just for an evening walk, a camel coat will definitely look nice on you.

2. Chunky Scarves

Wrapping a long, thick, and colourful scarf around your neck during winter will make you warm and boost your appearance. Be sure to choose a scarf or scarves made of a h2 material like fleece or wool. Note that there are a number of chic and creative ways of wearing a winter scarf. First, you can fold it in half and wrap it tightly or loosely around your neck.
Secondly, you can drape it around your neck several times and then tuck the ends into the loop. Last but not least, you can drape it once or twice around the front of your neck so that the loose ends can dangle or hang behind your back.

3. Pointy Shoes

If you might not have noticed, fashion boutiques are already stocking up on pointy shoes. These shoes are available in different sizes, colours, patterns, and designs. Apart from adding you a little bit of height and class, the shoes also go quite well with skinny jeans and big coats.

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4. Over-sized Sunglasses

Wearing over-sized sunglasses during winter is an excellent idea. They add glamour to your outfit and protect your eyes against dust, harsh wind, and the harmful effects of UV rays. You should be very careful while choosing winter sunglasses. Be sure to go for a reputable brand made of high-quality and durable material.

5. Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots have a timeless appeal and are very versatile in that they can go well with any of your favourite clothes. They look great when paired with skinny jeans and add a cool touch to dresses and tights. Depending on your taste, you can choose boots made of leather, vinyl, rubber, or suede, all of which are beautiful, h2, and very durable. For safety and total comfort, it is very advisable for you to go for low-heeled boots.

6. Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses come in a wide variety of thicknesses, lengths, and designs and you can wear them in many different ways. You can combine your sweater dress with leggings, a form-fitting belt, and boots. To achieve a sexy look, you can combine it with a classical pencil skirt. You can also wear it with your favourite jeans and necklace.

7. Chunky-Knit Cardigans

These loose cardigans are specifically designed to keep you warm, cosy, and stylish during the winter months. You can combine them with a thin t-shirt and skinny jeans. You can also pair them with thick tights and knee-length boots. For a touch of personality, you can fasten chiffon flower pins or vintage brooches onto your cardigan.

8. Fur Coats

Fur coats allow you to stay warm and look fashionable. They come in natural colours, textures, and patterns and are capable of complimenting almost any outfit.

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