Essential Equipment That Every Office Needs

Whether you are starting a new business, or you are fully established, you be wondering what it is you need for your office to properly manage. There are certain items that an office requires and you could be staring at the wall wondering what they may be to ensure that you have that competitor’s edge to beat the rest. To help in making the decision easier, we have compiled a list of essential office equipment that you should have.


This one is a given, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. You should be mindful of how comfortable the chairs are as your staff will be spending a majority of their working day sitting in them. The same with desks, you should opt for desks that are of a height that will not force your employees to lean too far forward. Invest in ergonomic chairs that assist with lumbar support.


While a photocopier is considered the staple of any office environment, you should consider investing in a multifunction printer. They can print, fax and copy while using less energy than a standard copier. While there are alternative options, a copier can print efficiently off more than a hundred copies of a document at a time. If you feel your business can benefit from this piece of equipment, you should invest in a good quality copier.

Water cooler

You might not think it is essential, but having a water cooler can help increase office productivity. The science behind it lies with the properties of water, a dehydrated body cannot function effectively, and installing countertop water cooler for offices can provide a fresh source which employees can drink from to hydrate the brain. Installing a pumped water cooler can provide many benefits such as a cool supply, plus it can give you hot water without having to wait for the kettle to boil.

Update your computers

Whether your business has just started, or you are already going, ensuring that you have up to date computer technology is another essential. Not only do they come with the latest programs, but VoiP programs such as Skype can help boost your office productivity. A fast computer will also decrease in down time, as older computers become subject too after a long while.

Telephone system

An excellent telephone system is not only beneficial for office communication (depending on the size of the office), but can also allow for customers to contact you with any questions regarding a product or service. The system needs to allow for good quality phone calls and an efficient system will priorities calls in a “first come, first served” order.

Stationery cupboard

No office can function without one. This should be the place where your employees have access to all the pens, pencils and rubbers that are used for taking notes, and more! Without a proper place to store stationery, it will be difficult to locate the essentials. It should be constantly stocked up with the important items for an office to function properly.

Obtaining the essentials above should help give your company the edge it needs in providing excellent customer service and to function properly. Always be sure that your office is up to date with the latest in office necessities.

Bill Turner is an entrepreneur and family man. He enjoys spending lots of time with his kids and Yorkies. He has a family full of athletes and likes to train on the weekends.