E-cigars – For The More Discerning Vaper

Cigar smokers and cigarette smokers have never really been quite the same animal and the manufacturers of e-cigarettes have now come out with an e-cigar that gives all the unique experience of smoking a hand-rolled cigar, in both look and feel. Just like a real cigar, the e-cigar will give around 500 puffs – cigars were never meant for a quick drag outside the workplace, after all – and it has that same mild tobacco flavour and undertone of maple that is present in a very high class, top brand cigar.

Vaping Comes of Age

Although smoking a crystal encrusted e-cig filled with wild strawberry juice may be great fun, it isn’t to everyone’s taste and for those who had put off using electronic cigarettes because they thought they were a fad will love e-cigars. They look and feel just like the real thing and for those who love to roll the densely flavoured smoke of a ‘Romeo y Julieta’ around their mouth it is the first real chance to enjoy the experience without cost to health. Like their smaller cousins, e-cigars use a flavoured carrier with nicotine to create a vapour that is inhaled like smoke, giving all the buzz and mouth-feel of a real cigar. Although some restrictions are being introduced in some public places, most top restaurants have yet to ban vaping and so the experience of enjoying a good cigar after a splendid meal is back again – and a very timely return too.

A welcome addition to the Vaping Family

In the quitting stakes, the smokers of pipes and cigars have been virtually forgotten although of course the health risks of smoking both are only marginally less than smoking cigarettes. Because cigar smokers often enjoy just one in the evening, patches don’t really help them much because the release of nicotine does not mimic this kind of smoking pattern, besides which the cigar smoker doesn’t really do it just for the hit of the drug but also for the whole experience. Few cigarette smokers like to smell and listen to a cigarette before they light it but everyone will have seen a cigar smoker bond with his cigar before he smokes it – the experience must be total to really work. Because the technology of vaping is very simple – a heating coil and the liquid is basic to all – the object itself can be any shape and some manufacturers have taken this on board so not all e-cigarettes look like conventional cigarettes any more. In the same way, e-cigars and e-pipes have been available for a while now, but the NuvoCig e-cigar (available from Prestige Vaping) is the first to also incorporate the aesthetics of a cigar experience. Cigarette smokers who take up vaping are often quick to take up another flavour in their e-cig but with the milder tobacco taste and the maple undernote, cigars are much nicer tasting in their own right, and so the e-cigar will be a welcome addition to the vaping fraternity.

Article by Rebecca Fearn, freelance copywriter, who often writes for Prestige Vaping.