Hooking A Bowling Ball: Become An Expert

Bowling fans are always looking for ways to improve their play. From perfecting their swing to improving their hand-eye coordination, there are always ways to improve your bowling technique. Hooking a bowling ball is all about grip and follow through, and these both require practice; however, once you have perfected the art of the hook, you will be able to control the ball every time you bowl.

Hooking A Bowling Ball: Become An Expert

One of the first things to think about is analysing your run up. Keep your feet close together and think about how you plan to swing the ball. It is recommended that you take a four-step approach, which gives you time to prepare your swing and gain the momentum to follow through with a powerful stroke.

The run up and release: As you run up, pull the ball back on your first step and make sure the ball is parallel with your ankle at the second step. The ball should be at the top of your backswing on the third step, with the knees bent. Release the ball at the end of your fourth step with a straight arm and twist your hand under the ball.

This spin will give the ball the ability to hook as it reaches the pins. It is this type of trick that has caused ten pin bowling to soar in popularity, as discussed in an article in the Guardian. Bowling has a retro appeal to many people and those who have never played for years are rediscovering the art of bowling. The British Tenpin Bowling Association has launched a new coaching website to deal with this influx of new players.

The right equipment: One important thing about bowling is that you need the best equipment to learn how to play well; for example, owning a good pair of bowling gloves will enable you to hook a bowling ball with greater precision. There are many suitable gloves for sale, such as bowling gloves through Petes Pro Shop and other online retailers.

The main part of hooking a bowling ball is to remember to slide your hand round the ball and lift with your fingers as you release it down the lane. Follow through with your whole arm in the direction of the pins and the ball will hook around just as it reaches them.