Clever Ways To Store Things Around The House

Clever Ways To Store Things Around The House

Many of us find ourselves in homes that are disorganized and overtaken by clutter. Clutter can drain a person’s energy, and make them feel stressed in their home and in many other areas of their lives.

On the other hand, reducing clutter by storing belongings in an organized fashion will make it much easier for people to find things, make the home much more aesthetically pleasing, and help the people in the home feel much less overwhelmed overall. Here are several clever ways to store personal belongings in a home, to reduce clutter, and make finding things easier.

How to Organize Office, Kitchen, and Bathroom Drawers

Storing items loosely in office, kitchen, and bathroom drawers can be a hassle. This can make a person dig around in order to what they want to use. Since it’s difficult to know where items are in our drawers, it is tough to know when certain supplies need to be replenished. To store items in drawers so that they are more visible and much easier to find, consider the use of drawer dividers. To keep small objects, like paper clips, together, keep small containers between the dividers.

Clever Ways To Store Things Around The House

How to Store and Organize Shower and Bath Products

When more than one person uses a particular shower, it can seem extremely difficult to store and organize shower and bath products, as there are limited surfaces in a shower. Shower caddies are sometimes ignored as a potential storage solution due to their tendency to get in the way of faucets, and to attract unwanted moisture to the products. To get the storage benefits from shower caddies while still having maximum faucet space and minimum mildew, attach a hook to the side of the shower adjacent to the facet and place the caddy on the hook. An alternative would be to install freestanding corner shelves in your shower.

How to Store and Organize Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are designed to help make our home a nicer place, so it only makes sense to store them neatly. It is always a great idea to begin by making sure that there is a designated storage place for the cleaning supplies, whether in a cabinet or a closet. Keeping unused cleaning rags in a small hanging bag will keep them stored nicely without necessitating folding and stacking them. To keep cleaning products from toppling over, store your most used cleaning products in a caddy, so that they are easy to find and you can know when they are running low. If using a closet to store cleaning supplies, install a broom holder on the door to conveniently hold your mops and brooms.

These are several ways to store things in your home to reduce clutter and to make your day-to-day activities easier. Utilizing new storage techniques will bring more order to your surroundings and will maximize the function of your home. Try any of the above tips to reap the advantages of a neater home.

Ronnie Munson is a freelance writer based in Arlington, Texas. Ronnie suggests that readers consider the used storage tanks and containers from if they’re seriously trying to better organize their home.

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