Health Improvement is Possible in West Bengal if Ministers Care for It Says Khan Chowdhury

AH Khan Chowdhury, brother of the popular minister of Maldah, late Ghani Khan Chowdhury commented on West Bengal’s health issue during a meeting with a press authority. The Congress leader who has been chaired as the State Union Minister for Family Welfare and Health commented there that it is not impossible to improve the health infrastructure of the state if the government and all other leaders co-operate with them properly.
He also suggested that the government should be very liberal in deciding health issues and there should not be any sign of biasness while implementing health policies. After oath taking ceremony, the leader said all these at the press meet to share his idea of West Bengal health issues.
When the press personalities asked him that what would be the future of the projects that are being taken to develop multi-specialty hospitals in the state, the leader reported that he would try the best and will give hundred percent to develop the projects. As it was oath-taking ceremony it was important for the leader to speak in such voice, but it is now to be seen whether they actually implement the oath or not.
The Congress leader expressed his view that establishing multispecialty hospital in Raiganj (A famous City in North Dinajpur district) would be a better option than establishing one in any other city. Actually, he opposed Mamata Banerjee’s, the honorable chief minister of West Bengal decision to establish one such hospital in Kalyani, Nadia.
He said that he is not speaking against industrial development in West Bengal rather seeking support from all political parties to establish his view. Critics are suggesting that the leader is not wrong in his appeal as there are several hospitals in Kalyani and they need to be developed properly at first before another one is established there.
It is not sure whether the speech of the Congress leader was influencing was not because a few days later during another meeting the health department of the state agreed to enquire about the health issue of Bengal properly.
The present Minster for Health suggested that the health professionals would organize camps and conferences to improve health services in state. They will focus on how to provide better services for critical diseases like hepatitis C and B, Dengue, etc.
She also commented during the interview that the rate of development will be equal in both rural and urban areas, as she believes that if these places don’t come to light total development of West Bengal is not possible.
However, the former interview by the AH Khan Chowdhury completed with a celebrating mood as the all the three ministers representing the Union Council was present there.
The followers of congress burst different types of crackers and they arranged processions in Raiganj city and other North Dinajpur cities like Behrampore, Maldah, under the leadership of AH Chowdhury. Other Congress leaders like Adhir Chowdhury, Deepa Dasmunshi, also took part in the procession and congratulated the Congress leader for his success.