Choose Your Doors Carefully To Finish Your Home Décor Look

Choose Your Doors Carefully To Finish Your Home Décor Look

Many people when refurbishing a home or doing a complete decorating makeover completely forget the doors and so when the project is finished they still find it strangely incomplete. Doors should really be considered as much a part of any decorating plan as furniture, curtains, paint or flooring, because they are, after all, usually the first thing you see when entering a room. If the door is old and tired, even with a coat of paint, the room will never look properly finished. First impressions really do and last impressions too – you leave a room through the door aswell.

Real Wood Doors

Using real wood doors make any room look special and Emerald Doors has an excellent choice. Matching them in with the furniture looks very elegant and ties a decorating plan together without bashing it in with a hammer – the overall effect is very seamless and charming, but no one will quite realise why. The room will simply have a very coordinated look and there will be none of that faintly uneasy feeling that comes with too many colours and textures packed into one place. If you are going for the Scandinavian blond wood look, oak doors look very stylish, because they are not as ‘bright’ as pine. On the other hand, a retro look can be really enhanced by a darker wood such as walnut and a young look can’t really ask for anything that would look as good as pine.

Shine a Light!

It can be tricky to work out how to bring some light into a gloomy room, but it is amazing how many people don’t think of the obvious answer, which is to ‘borrow’ light from a hall or adjoining room by using glass doors, or wooden doors with glass panels. Although these have a bad press when people remember the rather awful ones of the sixties and seventies, now often caked with paint around the panes and looking rather sorry for themselves, the range at Emerald Doors will make anyone think again as they bring a fresh new look to glazed interior doors. Whether you go for small amounts of glass fitted in the panels so you get tempting streams of light coming in or the fully glazed option, with just slender glazing bars for safety and strength, you will hardly credit the amount of light you will let into the darkest corner.

Safety First

Depending on your building, you may need a fire door installed and Emerald Doors has a wide range, for both domestic and commercial use. Fire doors don’t have to be ugly, as Emerald Doors prove – they have a fire door version of most of their interior doors, so a safety feature doesn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb. Some of the designs include glass panels which is not only a safety feature when it comes to checking whether anyone is trapped, but also makes them attractive décor options. The FD rating is clearly given – choose what you need when ordering.

Article by Rebecca Fearn, a freelance copywriter who often writes for Emerald Doors.