Creating A Video For Marketing

If you’ve noticed the increasing amount of videos online today, then you’ll know that online video is truly taking off.  Sixty per cent of marketing is now done through video and seventy per cent of online visitors prefer video. With Youtube now the second biggest search engine in the world, your chances of being seen are greatly increased, and if your website includes video it’s fifty times more likely to appear on Google’s front page.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s your guide to creating a great video.

Why is Video So Popular?

In a world where we’re bombarded with information, video gets us straight to the point – and fast. Yet not only is it instant, we spend longer watching video than reading text, it’s engaging, invokes feelings and emotion, we love to share it, and search engines love it. Video is the marketing technique of the future, so if it’s not already part of your marketing strategy, then it should be.

What Should My Videos Be About?

Brands are using many types of approaches for video content, from creating virals to providing useful information. What you decide to create will depend on your business and marketing strategy, but overall, it should provide real value to the viewer. This can be entertaining, informative or both. As a general rule however, videos can be categorised into these types:

  • About Us/Behind the Scenes
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Demonstration of products
  • Instructional/Tutorial
  • Creatively Humorous
  • Concept Driven

The final two are the most likely to become viral, and normally shy away from being overtly promotional. The key to producing a strong viral is to engage and entertain rather than ‘push’ the actual product.

Inspiring Ideas for Video

Really, there is no limit. Get your best and most creative minds around the table and brainstorm. (Add alcohol if necessary, but not too much!) For inspiration, think about problems within your industry, or focus on trending topics in your field. Think about parodies, or songs related to your industry. Think of the best adverts you’ve seen – the ones that really made you sit up and watch and think up new interpretations for your particular business. Don’t be afraid to be funny – but do make sure it is actually funny, and not just your idea of funny. But most of all think outside of the box. It’s all about the unexpected.

How to Produce a Video

The quality of the video you produce can’t be emphasised enough, as poor quality productions are very unlikely to be watched or shared. Clear visuals and good sound are fundamental to success, so to avoid looking amateur it’s best not to attempt to produce video yourself.  Appointing a company who professionally produce video such as is the best way to approach creating professional film to use and promote. They’ll also help with concepts and ideas if you have no real plan for what you’d like to create.

Wendy Lin is a successful entrepreneur who specialises in business finance consultancy. She retired from teaching to pursue her own business endeavers. When she’s not working, she can be found hiking the countryside with her family.