How To Do A Dry Shave With An Electric Shaver

dry shave

Shaving is a part of most gentlemen’s grooming routines that requires the proper technique and tools. Well, from the heading you can understand that the tool is obviously one of the best selling electric razors. How and when shaving is done can greatly affect not only your look, but even your skin’s overall health. According to Instantgrooming a dry shave is generally preferred by most men nowadays who are constantly on the go and require as little time as possible to complete their grooming routine.

Dry shaving is used to describe shaving on a dry face, without the use of water or shaving creams and lotions. It is also often used to refer to shaving with the use of an electric razor as opposed to using the manual blade and all the works that come with the traditional shaving process. Although the traditional method is no doubt a luxurious experience, the practical guy will agree that a dry shave is the more convenient option. Knowing how to do the dry shave properly using an electric shaver is therefore a necessary skill. Here are some of the basics when performing a dry shave on yourself.

Clean your face.

A clean face means no oil and dirt present on the skin’s surface. Washing with a gentle cleanser is ideal and advised. This way, there are no particles that can get in the way and potentially clog your shaver.

Pat your skin dry thoroughly after washing

Make sure your face is dry all throughout the shaving process. When using an electric razor, keeping your hair rigid and dry will make it easier to cut through them smoothly. If you have oily skin, you may want to use alcohol based cleansers to get rid of the excess oil on your skin.

Trim your hair first.

A long stubble will be harder to dry shave, so if possible you may want to trim the hair first before shaving. Most shavers have a built-in trimmer with them, and you only need to push a button or attach a device to use it as a trimmer. Hair that’s shorter than .25” is definitely easier to shave with an electric razor.

Make sure your shaver is clean.

Before starting to shave, check to see that there are no debris left on your electric shaver. Rinse the shaver under the tap for a few seconds to wash away dirt or hair that may have lodged in between your shaver blades. Most electric shavers now come with a cleaning dock which does the cleaning for you after every use. Make sure you end every shaving session by cleaning them properly so they’re always ready for the next shave, and also to prevent bacteria from breeding in them.

Begin shaving.

Hold your shaver at a right angle to your face to ensure maximum contact with the skin. This can shorten your shaving time by getting more hair with every stroke. Make sure you go with the grain, and use long strokes when using foil shavers, and circular strokes when using rotary shavers.

Taut your skin.

Use your free hand to gently press on your skin so that it is taut, with an even surface that your razor can easily pass over. This will make your hairs stand straighter on the ends for the blades to cut through them.

Start shaving over the sensitive areas first.

This includes the area on your neck, where you are most likely to get razor burns and irritation. Begin shaving in this area while your razor is still cool and clean so that it gives you a smoother and gentler shave.

Keep it cool.

Once you start using your electric shaver, it will get hot with use. A hot razor will most likely irritate your skin which may cause razor burn. Once your razor starts to get warm, turn it off at once and wait for it to cool down again before resuming your shave.

How To Do A Dry Shave With An Electric Shaver

Once you are done going over every area of your face, then you are done with your dry shave. Finish off your routine by taking care of your electric shaver and preparing it for the next time you are going to use it. Doing this will ensure that your shaver will work properly every time. Here’s a simple routine that you can follow after shaving your beard that will benefit both your shaver and you.

Wash and clean razor after use

Tap it gently to remove remaining hairs and rinse it under the tap, or use the cleaning dock it your shaver comes with a cleaning device. Using alcohol on the razor will also help get it dry quickly as well as disinfect it from germs.

Rinse your face with cool water, or use a cold towel

This is to close the pores of your skin and soothe it from the irritation caused by shaving. If you have any cuts, washing with cool water also helps to stop the bleeding.

Use some aftershave

A good aftershave will relax, tone, and soothe your skin after a shave. It will also help your skin heal faster and stay healthy even after frequent shaving.


Shaving can damage your skin’s surface, stripping it of the necessary oils to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Use a gentle moisturizer that will restore your skin’s natural oils and keep it from getting dry and itchy.

Finally, a dry shave is one of the most practical ways a guy can maintain a grooming routine. With the proper tools and technique, you should be able to perform a dry shave on yourself safely and confidently.

Source: Instant Grooming


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