Download OLX App for mobile and Start Posting your Ads in a few Clicks

Today, millions of people access the web through their smart phones and tablets. If you are seeking to buy or sell anything, make sure to be using an app such as the OLX App for mobile that lets you post ads on, a site that has hundreds of millions of users in India. This app allows you to post your ad with just a few clicks.
The OLX App for mobile is available for free and can be downloaded and used on almost all smart phones and tablets that run on iOS, Windows Phone, Android or BlackBerry OS. brought the big revolution in the world of classified ads and online marketplace, and this new app adds more meaning to the platform. With almost everyone having a mobile phone with internet access, everyone can view your ads on OLX. This means you need to take instant action and give immediate responses whenever there are any messages or activities on OLX. This OLX mobile app brings the entire control of your “My OLX” into your palm.
The app allows you to search all the ads within your local area based on the location of your smart phone and messages can be sent from within the app. When it comes to posting your ad, your phone’s camera is going to prove quite handy. Capture the photo of the product you want to sell, describe it, fix a price for it and post it through the app. The ad will be instantly available on for everyone to see.
Whether you have a 5-inch smart phone display or a 3.5-inch display, this app makes it possible to view the photos on the full screen. You can also read the full description of the ads. Based on the speed of Internet connection on your device, you can browse all the free classifieds along with the photos and videos.
The OLX App for mobile allows users to access the website from almost any device that has access to the web. If you already have an account with OLX, posting and sending messages takes just a few clicks. The app is much more than you can expect. It enables you to view the site in your local language. It is also possible to save any classified ad on your phone. There is no limitation to when or where you can post your ad. Whether you are at home, at the office, traveling or on a vacation, the OLX App allows you to conveniently post your ad without any hassles.
OLX App for mobile is available for free download on all the leading app stores. You can find it on the App Store, BlackBerry World, Windows Phone, in Google Play and Amazon apps. While OLX is taking the world of advertising to the next level of convenience and simplicity, make sure that you are not left behind. Download this simple app today and start posting or viewing ads in the categories of your interest and in your own local area.