Are Facial Instruments Safe For Your Skin?

There are many differences between the skins present on your face when compared to skin present on other parts of the body. Your facial skin is a lot thinner than skin on your body (other than the skin on your chest). As the skin on your face is thinner, it is prone to damage a lot more easily and therefore you should take extra care to look after your facial skin. People use different methods to care for their facial skin. One of the most commonly used skin care option is to do a facial. A facial is not a simple process as it involves many aspects such as exfoliation, massage, removal of acne, removal of blackheads and much more. In most facials, a facial mask or facial peel is used to improve the general skin health of your face. If you are interested to know more about facial, you can check the following link,

For any type of skin care treatment, instruments will have to be used to aid in the process. The instruments that are used in facials are known as facial instruments. Different types of facial instruments are available in the market and the instruments used vary depending on the type of facial that is performed. These facial instruments help the beautician or the skin specialist to carry out the various facial procedures on your face. As facial skin is very sensitive and thin, many people are scared to use cosmetics or skin care creams on their face. Similarly, there has always been a misconception that using facial instruments can cause harm to your facial skin. The simple fact is that these facial instruments are only tools that facilitate the facial treatment process. If they are used properly, it is safe to be used on your skin. Through this post, we would like to provide more information about facial instruments and show how the use of facial instruments is not harmful for your skin if properly used.

Facial Instruments

  • Some of the smaller tools used in facials are Tweezers, double end spoon extractors, double loop extractors, blackhead removers and facial scissors.
  • Electronic facial instruments that help in the various skin facial treatments are also available.
  • Multi functional facial instruments can be found at spas and beauty clinics. These facial instruments will be able to provide other skin treatments along with the facials.
  • Other facial tools such as woven mesh sponge, face brush, facial cloths, cleansing pouch and scrubs are also used in the facial process.

Using Facial Instruments

You can find facial instruments that are intended for home use in stores and in online shopping websites. However, one has to be careful while using the tools as any improper usage can cause damage to your skin. These tools are effective and safe in the hands of a beautician or a skin specialist. The possibility of damage to your facial skin depends on the person who is using the facial instruments. If untrained people are allowed to use the facial instruments, the possibility of any damage to the facial skin is greatly increased.

Electronic facial instruments are designed to use only the required amount of light, heat or vibrations for any particular skin type. The onus is upon the person operating the electronic facial instrument to input the right information into the electronic facial instrument to avoid any unnecessary exposure to heat, UV or light to the skin. The effectiveness of tools depends on the people who are using them. If properly used, facial instruments are tools that will help your skin rather than causing damage to it.

Author Yan Sung is s consultant working in a beauty equipment company in China. She has ten years of experience in the ultrasonic facial industry.