Earrings That Suit Your Budget and Style

Accessorizing is a great way for women to show their true personality and style. Accessories come in many forms so you have several options to add to your wardrobe for work and play to emphasize a special feature or to simple enjoy a piece of jewelry you love. Earrings are a common accessory that can be used to dress up an outfit or simply make you look great. Earrings come in many forms and are easily affordable so you can jazz up your daily outfits and begin to create an amazing collection. Below are a few examples of earrings you can choose to suit both your budget and style.


Diamonds are supposedly a girl’s best friend and what woman is going to argue with that? Diamonds have long been a favorite for women to use as an accessory and earrings are usually the first option for owning your first pair of real diamonds. From small carrots to huge statement pieces, you can find a diamond earring option to fit your style and budget. Shop around at various retailers to find a set that looks great and are priced just right. Before shopping, decide on the cut of the diamond and how much money you have to spend so you can find the perfect pair. Diamond earrings work well with work day outfits as well as into evening. If your budget does not permit diamonds, you can choose to go with a Cubic Zirconia which is similar and less costly.

Big or Small

Every individual has a different opinion on what earring types work best. While some people enjoy long dangly earrings other enjoy dainty studs. The choice is yours but add some variety to your collection. Purchase several types of studs to be interchangeable with your outfits but also include large hoops or long dangly options so that you have something different to spice up your outfits when you feel daring. Feather earrings are very popular in today’s accessories and are a great way to add flare to a night out on the town.


You can never go wrong with a classic earring and most standard types come at a low cost. From $5 to $10 or less you can add a classic hoop or stud to your earring collection. Silver hoops go well with any outfit and are a great way to dress up your face. With studs, you can choose a stone to add a pop of color or you can simply go with a ball stud in gold or silver to add a small accessory to your outfit. Have at least 2 to 3 different classic options so you have a go-to pair of earrings for a regular day.


If your ears are not pierced but you would like to wear earrings, never fear! There is a way to enjoy earrings without piercing your ears. Clip-on earrings are a great way to add style to your wardrobe for a low price. Clip-on earrings are inexpensive and can be found at most every retailer including major department stores. Clip on earrings have a clasp so that you simply clip the earring to your ear lobe, no piercing required.

If you do not normally wear earrings but want to be able to dress up from time to time, clip-on’s are a great option. You will find clip-on’s in a variety of styles and they are a great way to test the waters with earrings. This option is perfect for little girls or teenagers who want to have their ears pierced but are not sure if they are ready. Start out with a good pair of clip-on’s and see if they enjoy wearing the earrings. Then you can go with a real piercing after a time if so desired.

With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find an earring type that works well with your accessory needs. Build a nice collection so you have an option for your daily mood and style!