Addiction Therapies

For those suffering from addiction there are a lot of options when seeking treatment. It may be difficult to know which approach to take or which kind of treatment to get. You should know that there are a lot of options when seeking treatment for addiction. Here are some of those treatment options to consider:

Detox Facility

Depending on how severe the addiction is you may first need to seek treatment at a detoxification clinic. Most hospitals and rehabs offer detox services and the purpose of detoxing is to carefully rid your body of the substance that you are abusing. Your body will undergo severe shock from being deprived of drugs or alcohol. These symptoms are known as withdrawals.

Withdrawals can be dangerous so getting treatment at detox facility is a very crucial part of gaining sobriety. It is the first step that one needs to take and it should be done at a facility that was designed for such treatment with trained medical personnel close by.

Rehabilitation – Residential

There are two types of rehabilitation clinics out there. The first one is a residential rehabilitation center. In a residential rehab center the patient admitted lives at the facility for a minimum of 28 days. At this time the patient is not allowed to leave and is allowed only a few visits that are closely monitored.Residential rehabilitation is for severe cases of addiction and is good for a person that needs to remove themselves from familiar friends and places that encourage use.

Rehabilitation – Outpatient

Outpatient rehab is good for cases where the patient is willing to cooperate fully and can be trusted with responsibilities. In outpatient rehab the patient admitted lives in an apartment or small house on near the property of the rehab center. They are allowed to leave for school and/or work. They are required to attend support groups and meet with counselors. There is more freedom for one in an outpatient rehab program then there is for one who is in a residential rehab program.


Psychotherapy helps the patient to seek treatment for addiction via a licensed psychotherapist. A psychotherapist can help a patient learn how to manage addictions and cravings.

A lot of times a psychotherapist will like to include the entire family in a session to help everyone see eye-to-eye. This helps the odds of a better success rate.

Support Groups

Support groups offer a safe atmosphere for an addict to open up about their addiction and pain. Support groups are good for building up community accountability. When you are a part of a support group everyone in the group knows and understands your problems. They can offer encouragement and advice in those difficult times.

Before deciding which approach to take you should take with a physician or counselor that specializes in addiction and see what they think would be best for you. Whatever is suggested you should be open to whatever treatment is best for you and your addiction.Henry Hernandez is a veteran and father of two who lives in Texas. Henry owns his own company and also works with an addiction rehabilitation center in Orange County, CA. can be found on Google+.