The Valentine’s Day Gift with a Medicinal Bonus

Guys, giving that special lady in your life an arrangement or bundle of Valentine’s Day Roses is a given—it is a classic way to express your love, and trust me, she is expecting it. But this year when you give her some beautiful roses that you find from an online florist, give her a pleasant surprise by including some rose-based product with your floral arrangement. They offer numerous health benefits, and she will be touched that you were creative enough to research other product, and moved when you present them to her.
It’s Good for what Ails You 
Aside from being aesthetically pleasing and offering a lovely scent, Roses have been known for offering a wide array of medicinal properties that work both topically and internally. In an article published by Rose Magazine, the author states that the rose has a long history for its use of folk remedies, especially in the arena of skin care. Rose oil is suitable for al skin types, but is especially valuable for dry, sensitive, or aging skin. The author warns consumers to make sure that the products they buy are indeed made from pure rose oil, and not an essence that could be synthetic.
The article continues to reveal that the rose also offers a soothing property to the nerves and helps to be a positive impact on one’s emotional / psychological health. It is regarded as a natural, mild sedative and anti-depressant (but don’t tell her that or you might wind up in the doghouse).
Some Gift Ideas to Give with the Bouquet 
When you present your woman with a dozen roses, also give her a beautifully put together gift basket that contains collected rose products. Find some Damascus Rose lotions and body oils that are from the true Damascus rose, and not a synthetic blend of false claims. These products will nourish and replenish her skin, leaving it soft and smelling with a faint sweetness.
Including a gift of rose tea would be an ideal addition to your gift basket. Rose tea contains many essential vitamins like C, D, K and E. It also contains organic acids like pectin and citric acids. Rose tea is great for enjoying any time of the day, but is also beneficial for your health when you have a cold or the flu. Rose hip is high in vitamin C and helps fight off viruses.  It is also good for maintaining healthy kidney function and can help one recover from urinary tract infections. It is also known for aiding digestion.
You can also include some rose jam or jelly, and some rose candy. Rose flavored Turkish Delight is a fragrant, delicious candy that can be enjoyed over a cup or rose tea, while your dozen roses sit beautifully displayed on your lady’s table.
Be both Traditional and Creative
Giving a bundle of roses is a classic, and still a wonderful way to say “I love you”. But when giving the love of your life the roses, surprise her with a few extras, such as rose oil and lotion, some ruse bud tea, and some rose candies and jam. If you are ever to indulge in the rose, Valentine’s Day is the ideal time of the year to go overboard.
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