7 Interior Design Tips

You don’t need to have a flair for the dramatic to design your home tastefully. Use these 7 interior design tips to add a sense of fashion and style to your home.

If in Doubt Go with White

If you feel a bit lost when trying to pick a color for any room go with white. It works well throughout your home. Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms all look good in white.

You Don’t Need a Sofa

Don’t buy into the belief that sofas are the end all be all when it comes to designing a living room or den. Tasteful setups including chairs and tables can add an inviting air to leisure rooms. Creatively position furniture to design a spacious but warm-feeling environment.

Wallpaper Sliding Doors

Instead of looking for complex options to finish sliding doors use wallpaper. The inexpensive solution is an easy workaround if you feel stuck. Professionals and amateurs alike can complete this job in a short period of time.

Bigger Beds Work

Nothing feels worse than a bad night’s sleep. Forget about lost productivity as being the only side effect of sleeping poorly. Health problems can emerge if you suffer regularly from insomnia. Buying a tiny bed can cause a restless night’s sleep. Treat yourself like a king or queen. Since you’ll be spending about 1/3 of your life sleeping splurge when it comes to buying your bed.

Purchase a large, spacious bed for your room. Go with a high headboard and bed to make your room look larger. The trick creates a neat illusion and also increases your comfort levels.

Open Cabinets

Forget about opening cabinets just to dust the interior. When it comes to armoires leave cabinets open. Give visitors a glimpse into your world. Open cabinets can create an inviting feels to your home. Being able to see whatever you’re storing is intriguing to visitors and family members alike who may be wondering about the significance of certain keepsakes. Whether you’re showing off antique dolls or vases you’re sure to start more conversations by opening cabinets.

Go Heavy on Pillows

Pillows can make the couch or bed. Piling pillows onto a rest area creates an inviting and comfortable space. Use throw pillows liberally. A pair of pillows rarely looks substantial. Two or more coordinated pillows can make a couch look that much more comfortable. Buy pillows in matching pairs and add contrast by using 2 or more pairs of pillows on couches and beds.

Don’t Rush to Pick Paint

Picking your paint color last is the smart thing to do. You may envision arriving to your new home with a freshly-painted interior but painting before the actual move is a mistake. How can you know what your home looks like with furniture? How does the light play inside of the house?  Furniture, sunlight and 1,001 different factors dictate the shade of color you should choose to complement each room. Wait until you’ve packed your new home chock full of furniture and accessories before picking your paint.

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