6 Tips For Lowering Your Energy Bills During Hot Months

If you’re not careful you may spend a small fortune on energy bills during warm months. By making a few basic adjustments you can keep cool and increase energy efficiency.

Follow these 6 tips to lower your energy bills during hot months.

Use Vegetation

Create a vegetation shield around your home to keep cool and save money on energy bills. Increase plantings to create a natural barrier which lowers the temperature inside of your house. Trees, shrubs and other forms of vegetation help to block the sun’s rays. Give your roof and windows a break from protecting your home. Go with leafy trees around your home’s exterior for maximum coverage. Going green can boost your air conditioning efficiency dramatically.

Shield Windows

Turn away solar energy with solar screens. West and east facing windows can effectively block the sun’s rays with an added layer of protection. Enter mesh-type window screens. You can go with window films if you want to pursue another option. These films reflect heat effectively and lower your energy bills. Keep in mind that windows need to be closed for films to work while solar screens can keep out sun and insects when windows are open.

Change Temperatures

If you’re sleeping or are at work raise your thermostat to boost savings. You need not keep your home chilly if you’re in bed or working. When you’re up and around the house maintain a 78 degree temperature to keep cool.

Use Fans

Circulating air inside of your home can lower your indoor temperature. Give your air conditioning a break during hot summer months. Buy a few inexpensive floor fans to keep things cool inside of your home.  Make sure to place fans on the upper level of your house as warm air tends to rise. Keep windows closed by the fan. You don’t want to pull in warm air. Open windows in rooms located a few rooms over from the fan to create a cooling, refreshing crosswind inside of the house. By circulating air freely you can lower your energy bills significantly.

Be Basement Bound

Why not take advantage of the coolest room in your house? The basement is an underground, naturally cool bunker that can double as a pretty sweet hangout spot. Buy a TV, computer, couch and some furniture to turn your basement into a comfortable living area. Toss in a fridge if you really want to do it up.

If your basement is a bit too humid use a dehumidifier to dry things out and cool things down even more. Basements are cool, quiet, peaceful spots which can be your refuge during hot months. Give your air conditioner a break and cut down your heating bills. Hang out in your basement.

Forget About the Stove Top

Lower your indoor temperature by avoiding stove use. Go with the microwave during the warmest days or just eat out. Prepare a fresh salad to keep things cool.

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