6 Interesting Uses Your Old Tyres Can Be Put To

6 Interesting Uses Your Old Tyres Can Be Put To

So your beloved tyre has reached the end of its life, but it can still be useful in retirement. Dumping old tyre in landfills is illegal. And you don’t have to. Your old tyres can be recycled and reused for completely different purposes.

Rubber is very resilient and these worn out tyres make for excellent creative products. In fact here are 6 interesting uses your old tyres can be put to.

1. Tyre Flowerpots

Aren’t you tired of the same old earthen pots lining your garden? Try the new tyre flowerpots, which are not just for decorative value but are actually good for your plants since they capture and retain heat keeping the soil inside warm.

Large tyres are quite spacious so you can grow a shrub or a large plant with ease in the tyre. You can paint the tyres or add decorative items to increase the overall aesthetic appeal. The best types of plants that will thrive in the Tyre flowerpots include those which grow well in warmer climates.

2. Decorate your Yard

There are plenty of ways you can give your garden a tyre makeover. You can make a lovely pond with the tyre, by burying it such that only the rubber is inside the ground. Make the pond as deep as you would like and decorate around it with rocks or pebbles. Another way to decorate your yard is to hang old tyres in any pretty pattern on your fence, or house walls. You can also make tyre fountains with a little planning and skill and lots of effort.

3. Swing away on an Old Tyre

Tyre swings are by far one of the most common, yet unique use of old tyres. Fun and interesting, tyre swings are nothing short of tradition.

There are several different types of tyre swings. Some are those which are hung vertically, meaning the tyre is suspended by a single rope tied to any one part of it. Another way to make a tyre swing is to hang it from two to four points on the tyre, such that it is horizontally suspended.

4. Tyre-Chair

Remodel your house and all that without spending a penny on furniture. With the recycled new tyre-chairs you can now increase the seating spots in your home is lesser area. Just clean the old tyres and paint them as you would like. Put a sturdy cushion over them and voila! your tyre seats are ready. You can go the extra mile by getting an armrest made, by cutting another tyre in half and then putting it on the first one.

5. Tyre -Tables

When you buy tyres, you rarely imagine that one day you might use them as a table. But yes, tyres do make functional (and yes attractive) tables.

There are several different ways in which you can use tyres as tables. You can make a small coffee table with a single large tyre. Install the legs and a glass pane on top and you’re done. Other creative methods include placing a glass pane on top of two half tyres with the flat parts acting as legs or stacking a bunch of tyres on top of each other as legs with the flat pane on top.

6. Chandelier on Wheels

You could make a lovely, albeit unique chandelier with an old tyre. Install the tyre beneath one set of lights and the hanging lights coming out from its hole. Paint it or bedazzle it, it is sure to attract the eye of your visitors.

By Azzam Sheikh

These creative tyre recycling tips were put together for you by Azzam Sheikh, consultant at Tyre-Shopper, UK