Would it be sensible to vape during the course of pregnancy?

Vaping and pregnancy 2018 have come under the scanner for numerous reasons. This is considered to be a much better choice or could help you cut down on smoking as well. In some cases, it does help you to keep away from tobacco as well. You need to take a view of the fact that they still go on to put nicotine into the body and do not work out to be a good choice for a pregnant or a breastfeeding woman.

The worse part is that the liquids that are used in electronic cigarettes are not regulated. Most of them are known to contain various flavours that is not regulated. Till date, no study has been conducted on the impact these vapours are known to have and this does include the pregnant woman as well. There are no regulations in place.

A lot of studies have been conducted and it has been found that women do have serious misconceptions as far as electronic cigarettes evolve. Out of a survey conducted it was found that 43 % of women were of the opinion that it was a safer choice than regular cigarettes. 61 % of the sources left that it could be the cause of addiction and 57% felt that it did go on to contain nicotine. Of the part of the study only 13 % of the population went on to use electronic cigarettes and the main reason given by them was that it was safe than the regular cigarettes.

Whatever you might have to say smoking from any regular or electronic cigarette does go on to put nicotine on to the body. This does answer the question considerably is Vaping safe during pregnancy? You have to give it a no. Till date, no safe level of exposure to nicotine has been found in pregnancy. But if exposure to nicotine does take place before birth, it could lead to brain structure being altered along with the function of babies. If you use tobacco products during pregnancy it could lead to miscarriage, birth defects that could arise suddenly or prematurity. At the same time nicotine be it from regular or electronic cigarettes does reflect in the breast milk as well.

True to the real sense the world that we are part of no women should go on to smoke. This has to be all the more so with a pregnant woman. But sadly we are not part of such a world and women who smoke do become pregnant. The moment you smoke and find out that you have become pregnant you should quit smoking immediately. This has to be the case with electric or regular cigarettes. Just discuss with your doctor on the various ways that will help you quit smoking. At the same time just discuss with your health care provider in case if you are planning to make a switch to electronic cigarette. This might seem to be a liable method to cut down on smoking.