Bar Promotions

Being a bar owner is no easy job. As a matter of fact, it can be quite challenging. You have to constantly be searching for ways you can draw in more customers to your bar. While you may hire someone to do the thinking for you, it pays to do the job on your own. Especially if you’re capable of thinking up different ways you can invite people to your business, you will gain a lot more experience by creating a buzz on your own.

If you are looking for ways you can bring in more customers to your bar, the best way you can do this is to think of new bar promotion ideas. Even though you can still copy the different bar promotions being used by other establishments, having one of your own—a truly unique bar promotion can be a big help to boost your business’ influence. This way, your bar will be widely known for the unique promotion that you are offering.

The reason why you need to continually think of new bar promotions is so you can keep on drawing in more people to your business on a regular basis. With the high number of different bars to choose from, you need to make sure that your establishment is among the top choices that customers have. By coming up with a unique bar promotion of your own, you’ll be able to gain their business.

Here are some bar promotion ideas that you can use to put your business on the map:

Idea #1: Invite Guest Bartenders/DJs/Models

Did you know that top tier celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Kanye West, and many others earn thousands of dollars a night just for appearing at a bar? A few minutes of being at that venue can earn them a lot of money. This is called an appearance. If you have the budget for it, you can bring in some of the most in demand bartenders, DJs, models, actresses and other local celebrities, and this can help bring in more customers to your business.

Once your customers know that you will be having an A-list guest in your establishment, they will rush to get tickets to your event. So even if you spend some money on the guest celebrity’s appearance fee, you’ll gain a lot in return.

Idea #2: Have a ‘Beers of the World’ Night

If your establishment offers a variety of beer brands from throughout the world, make sure to highlight this as an important event once a week. You can think up of new and unique promotions using these beers so that your sales will increase greatly. Some establishments even go as far as serving these beers at an unlimited number for a fixed price. Since not everyone at your bar will drink a lot, you can earn some money from the unused amount of beer that is left behind. You’ll be surprised at how much you can earn from this promotion.

Idea #3: Have a Dog-Friendly Bar

If your establishment has a patio and you open during the day, you can attract dog owners to your bar by offering a dog-friendly bar. This is a great way to draw in more people to your establishment because they will have no other option on where they can take their pets to and have a drink. Additionally, you can help pet owners mingle with one another by creating an open area for them to meet.

Since there aren’t a lot of bars that allow pets into their establishments, you can start this trend and be widely popular for it. The local neighborhood, especially those pet lovers, will thank you for giving them an opportunity to mingle with other pet owners in a social setting.

Idea #4: Game Night

Think of some games that you can use your bar as a host for that night. The most popular of these events include Trivia Night, Video Games, and even Beer Pong. You can choose to host these events at least once every week so you can bring in more people to your establishment. In order to earn money during these events, you may opt to charge an entry fee for each individual that will be joining. In return, you can offer cash prizes or bar merchandise to the winners of these games.

You’ll be surprised that your business will earn some loyal customers with the help of these bar promotion ideas. Make sure you carefully plan out your bar promotion before you start launching them. With this, you’ll get your bar to be a recommended establishment to everyone in the area and beyond.

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the most atmospheric bars Columbia MO has to offer.