Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Office Associates

Christmas shopping is a mixed bag for many of us. On the one hand, who doesn’t love soaking up the atmosphere of a beautifully decorated store at holiday time or appreciate the exhilaration you feel when you get just what you were shopping for at a great price? On the other hand, some people in your life can present a considerable challenge when it comes to deciding what to buy.
Office mates and business associates can be especially tough people to buy for. Often, you don’t know many of your office associates as well as you’d like, making choosing something difficult. Plus, many people are worried about choosing something too personal or coming off as inappropriate. Keep the following suggestions in mind to help take the stress out of the shopping process.
Options That Make Working Easier
When in doubt, it always pays off to buy people gifts that are reflective in one way or another of the relationship you have together. For office mates or co-workers that you don’t know well, consider picking out something they can use at work. If they have an office of their own, take notes on what they could add to the décor or to the functionality of their desk for ideas. Also, it’s hard to go wrong with ideas like paperweights, good quality items like staplers that they can actually use for work, or fun note paper and pen sets to use on the job.
Food and Drinks
Most people appreciate food-centric gifts, so if you have a co-worker for whom you don’t know how to shop, consider giving the gift of food. If you’re good in the kitchen or when it comes to baking, something homemade will often be an appropriate, thoughtful way to show you care. This is doubly the case if you know there’s something in particular the person likes. Food or wine of the month clubs can also represent terrific choices, especially for anyone who considers himself to be a foodie.
Gift Certificates
When in doubt, a gift certificate to spend at a favorite establishment can be a great gift for a boss, a co-worker, or a business associate. You can go traditional and present people with gift cards to their favorite department stores. However, you can also get more creative and give gift certificates good for spa treatments, meals at restaurants, technological items, car services, and so forth. Choose something that you know the person can use to pick out something they really want or need. They’ll love you for it!
Corporate Gift Baskets
Last but certainly not least, you might want to consider presenting office mates or business acquaintances with items like corporate gift baskets. Everyone loves receiving a gift basket full of unique and interesting items that they can enjoy over time or take home to their family. Plus, corporate gift baskets are flexible items that are always appropriate to give no matter how close or distant your relationship with a given person. There’s an option out there that’s perfect for everyone from your star client, to your boss, to the guy who brings you your mail every day! Plus, corporate gift baskets are easy to have assembled and shipped to people at a distance as well, so they’re great options if you or the other party will be out of town for the holiday.
At the end of the day, shopping for business associates only seems stressful at first. However, it quickly becomes a piece of cake with a few great ideas like these at your disposal!
Nadia Sokoloff is the owner of, which offers corporate gift baskets and gourmet food gift baskets.