5 Surefire Ways To Keep Good Tenants

Having good tenants can be a joy. After all, it is unlikely to evict renters who pay on time, and good neighbors as well as law-abiding citizens. If you are a property owner, keeping such tenants should be your biggest priority. Fortunately, ensuring that good tenants stay put is not that difficult if you know what to do. Here are five things you can do to ensure that your best tenants never think of moving out due to poor management.

Respond Promptly to Complaints about Noise and Allegations of Illegal Activity

If tenants complain about rowdy neighbors, act promptly to look into such matters. Enforce all rules that enable your renters to live in peace and quiet. It is also wise to work with neighbors and the police to expose tenants suspected of being involved in illegal activities such as drug dealing. Evict tenants found culpable of criminal activities. You can get help with this from an attorney or hire a property management company that handles evictions.

Make Sure Your Tenants are Safe

Most people looking for a house to rent consider security an important factor. After all, it is not pleasant to live in an unsecure neighborhood where crime and burglary are rampant. To ensure that your tenants feel safe at home, work with the relevant authorities or services providers to ensure that all streets near your property where tenants pass are well lit at night. Also, consider including security fees in the rental structure so that your property can have 24-hour security guards watching over tenant’s homes.

Schedule Regular Property Maintenance Checks

Tenants can leave if your property turns into a dilapidated tenement. Hence, it is important to schedule regular maintenance checks. Doing so can actually minimize the impact of repairs.

However, ensure to inform your tenants in advance of any property maintenance inspections. Most people would not want strangers doing repairs in their home when they are away. Therefore, try to schedule repairs at times when it is convenient for your tenants.

Handle Repair Requests Fairly

If you choose to be responsible for repairs on behalf of tenants, then ensure to honor such commitments. Good tenants expect valid repair requests to be taken seriously. Therefore, respond quickly and work efficiently when handling such requests. In addition, you can exceed your tenant’s expectations by following up on repairs to ensure that they are satisfied with the condition of their homes.

Inform Tenants of Upcoming Inconveniences

Another way to keep good tenants is to warn them of any unexpected inconveniences that will affect their homes. This can be closed roads, power interruptions, water shortages, and so forth. You can keep tenants updated on such issues by sending text messages, on social media, via email or even through a newsletter. Keeping tenants informed of any inconveniences that will affect their homes can help them to be prepared and they will know that you think of their convenience.

Practicing the tips shared above can help you keep good tenants. Fortunately, you do not have to do handle all of these time consuming tasks all on your own. Nowadays, you can outsource property management to a professional company and focus your time on other important matters such as expanding your real estate assets.

Aila Cameron is a self-employed real estate investor who has a love for informing other people on matters related to property ownership. She shares her passion through blogging and writing. Aila suggests you visit http://www.jamesgibb.co.uk/ when in need of comprehensive property management services in the UK.