Raise the Steaks at Mealtimes!

When it comes to many of our favourite dishes, steak is usually top of the list. Whether it’s a medium rare sirloin or the full well done T-bone, steak is a firm favourite worldwide.
There are many variations of steak dishes that are as easily created as the humble ‘steak and chips’ which is commonly seen in restaurants.
Inspiration can be drawn from many parts of the world and can add a fantastic spin on the classic steak recipes that you and your family adore.

The Philly Cheese Steak sub

A classic American fast food that has its roots in Philadelphia in the 1930’s and continues its popularity today.
This is a meal that will without doubt impress your family; it is perhaps a Friday treat as opposed to a regular meal!
The main ingredients for this are some fresh rib eye steaks, some strips of cheddar cheese and some soft white submarine rolls. It is a wise idea to add some leafy salad on the side.
You can also add onions and peppers to the mix if desired.
If you are using a cheaper cut of steak, it is important to tenderise the meat before cooking to ensure a great texture of the meat.
• Slice onion and/or peppers into quarters and fry in a little olive oil.
• Slice rib eye into thin strips, being sure to remove all of the fat from the steaks as this can add an unwanted chewy texture. Cook the steak in either a griddle or frying pan to your liking.
• Slice cheese into similar sized strips.
• Once the steak, onions and peppers are cooked, warm the rolls in the oven.
• Mix the onions and steak together and place some of the mixture into each sub roll.
• Layer the cheese strips over the mixture and close the roll.
Serve with a great salad and some chilled drinks, you’ll be hard pressed find a better sandwich at meal times!