5 Reasons To Consider Wedding Videography In Addition To Traditional Photography

Traditionally, wedding photos have always been a big part of all weddings because it still helps people simply flip through an album in order to recall all the memorable moments they had with friends and family members. But the inherent problem with pictures is that they cannot capture everything. However, over the years technology has evolved to the point where now people can view almost every moment of their most joyous day in clear detail via a well-made wedding video. Thanks to technologies like 1080p and 4K resolutions wedding videography has advanced to the point where they are now more vivid and vibrant than ever before. The concept of blurred out people in videos which was the reason they never really caught out a few decades ago is no longer valid. Below we look at five reasons why wedding videography should be considered.

Reason no.1: Wedding videography Captures your Wedding from various Angles

Many people may not realize this but wedding videography captures a wedding from various angles which is why a lot of what is going on is never missed. High end videography services often have two or more people working as a team with individual cameras to capture large weddings so that nothing is missed. So interesting moments like the bride almost slipping while walking down the aisle, or a slight squint during the kiss after being pronounced man and wife, and numerous other moments are captured from various angles in precious details. Also, videos ensure that everyone who is at your wedding can be seen, so nobody ever complains of not being noticed.

Reason no. 2: The Video can be put through Post Production so that it Suits your Wedding Theme

The other major benefit of expert wedding videography is that like photos they are put through post production processes. These processes can ensure that the final video you get is in accordance with your wedding’s theme and style. For instance, if the theme of your wedding was glamor and fancy dresses, the wedding video can be edited and color enhanced so that the colors of the dresses, the makeup and the décor all pop. These types of processes can take your wedding video to a whole different level.

Reason no. 3: Wedding videos are easy to share with everyone

The majority of professional wedding videographers will deliver the final video in a number of different formats. These formats include an HD format on Blu-ray as well as a low resolution format which is easier to share with friends and family online via Facebook or YouTube. Plus you’ll get the video on a USB drive which means that you can simply upload the video to your email and send it to multiple people. This ensures ta everyone you love or people you know can view your wedding video, this in some cases things is not as easy with wedding photographs.

Reason no. 4: Wedding videos are easier to manage

The average wedding album is pretty huge and can accommodate up to five hundred if not more pictures. While the average wedding video may consist of a Blue-ray disc which can easily be carried, inserted into your Blu-ray player and copied. Managing wedding videos regardless of what format they were encoded in is a lot easier, consider how much time and money it would cost you to get copies of five hundred wedding photographs to give to your grandmother or your parents as compared to getting a copy of your Blu-ray disc?

Reason no. 5: Everyone can be seen in your wedding video

The beauty of wedding videography especially if it’s done by an expert is that everyone can be seen clearly in a video. The latest technology actually allows for people to be captured in much more detail regardless of distance and lighting conditions. The end result is that even the most meek person around can be seen in great detail. According to Morkos Photography & Video camera shy people are also easily captured because they may not even know that they are being filmed, which is one of the major selling points of wedding videography. This allows the wedding couple to enjoy every moment of their wedding in detail.

Mark has been a wedding videographer for over a decade. He first started out when wedding videography was new and most video camera equipment weighted a lot. Today, he banks on his team of professionals and his own high end equipment to deliver the best results in the industry. His secret is to constantly learn and use new techniques.