5 Questions Every Tiler Expects To Be Asked Before They Begin A Tiling Job

Before you select your chosen tradesman to carry out your tiling job, it’s important to make sure they will do it right.

As a consumer you should be able to appoint a tradesman with confidence. Checking these fundamental things before the work starts will increase the chances of the job being done how you want it done, on time and within budget, and reduces the likelihood of any nasty surprises when the job is finished.

Any professional tiler will be fully expecting to be able to answer each of these before their quote is accepted.

1.  Are you able to Supply Recent References or examples of Projects you have recently completed?

Speaking to people who work with or have recently had work done by your chosen tradesman is a fantastic way of making sure you are appointing the right person for your tiling job. Not only will you be reassured that they are reliable, trustworthy and competent; you’ll see for yourself whether they have the tiling skills to get a brilliant finish. This is especially important if you are considering doing something which isn’t run of the mill and would require a highly experienced tiling professional.

 2.  Are you able to Prove you have the Right Qualifications?

Many people are afraid that they will come across as rude and suspicious if they ask for a tradesman’s qualifications. In reality though, reputable tradesmen will be expecting that their customers will want to verify they are accredited and have the right skills to do the job, especially since in recent years people have become much more aware of rouge traders.

 3.  How long do you expect the job to take?

Establishing an anticipated and realistic time scale for a tiling job is essential if you want to keep a handle on your budget and avoid over spending. Many tradesmen charge for their time each day they spend doing the work, so it is important to make sure that they aren’t deliberately making the job last longer to try and inflate your bill.

If you are having tiling done as part of a larger project and need to plan and make arrangements for other tradesmen to come in, it is particularly important to understand how long the job will take and get specific dates booked in with your tiler.

 4.  How much will the Project cost?

If you can, try to agree a fixed price before the tradesman starts working. Make sure they provide you with a quote in writing for the job, and don’t pay for any work upfront or until it has been completed to your satisfaction.

Experienced professionals should be able to give you an accurate quote for the job you want done. Naturally sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise and the quote might vary, but they should be able to tell you about this in advance and agree any chances with you so that you don’t get a nasty surprise when they give you their final invoice.

5.  Will the job require any other tradesmen to come in or can you Complete it all yourself?

Finding out whether any other jobs need to be done before the tiling can be completed will save you lots of time, money and stress. This could include things like taps being capped off, pipes being relocated, sinks or fixed furniture being moved, etc. Showing your tiler the room which is to be tiled will allow them to give you their opinion on what needs to be done before they can do the job, and then you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

Tim Tavender is a writer with many years experience writing online articles, blogs and press releases. THis article was written with the help of Mills Build in London – http://millsbuild.co.uk/