5 Beautifully Designed Medical Facilities

With advancements in technology and architecture, medical facilities are no longer just institutions that provide medical care and support to patients. Over the past few years, due to such advancements, medical facilities have evolved to be beautifully designed structures with aesthetic appeal both on the inside and on the outside. The transition towards focusing on the both the exterior hospital design and the hospital interior design has caused many medical facilities to be focal points of admiration and awe. To put the change into context, below are the top five most beautifully designed medical facilities,

The Banner Gateway Medical Center – Gilbert, Arizon

The Banner Gateway Medical Center’s design is an ode to the beauty of the desert. On the outside, the building looks spectacular in its surrounding dessert oasis. The exterior materials were all brought in locally and lend themselves well to the structure. The sleep beige exterior is made out of many different beautiful patterns. Coupled with the sleek rock exterior, the building also features massive clear windows that bring into the building Arizona’s natural sunshine year around.

When it comes to the health care interior design of the facility, the same sleek and polish outside follows through on the inside. The natural light shines wonderfully against the glossy floors and the warm colors of the minimalist furniture. Hospital rooms are designed for patient comfort with the advanced technology and paintings that show the beauty of Arizona’s landscape.

Outpatient Tower at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, Texas

Dallas hospitals have always been known for their renowned medical professionals. However, now they are also well known for their beautifully designed medical facilities. According to AKA Design INC, design extends far beyond just the outer image, it extends into the design of the lobby spaces, the facilities, and so much more.

When it comes to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, it truly is designed in such a way that every room is touched, making it one of the best designed Dallas hospitals around. The inside of the facility is highlighted by constant sunshine that is brought in by the surrounding windows. Throughout the hospital, there are hundreds of wooden accents that work to highlight the rustic Texas design. Lastly, to help patients feel more comfortable in their surroundings, many rooms have special features incorporated into them, such as an MRI room with a stunning ceiling globe.

Children’s Hospital in Orange – County California

There is nothing more important for children to feel comfortable and safe when seeking medical treatment. The Children’s Hospital in Orange County California recognizes this, as its interior design’s them is brightness. One way that the hospital is working to be extremely child-friendly through design is by incorporating a $5 million Disney themed lobby. Patients will be greeted by their favorite Disney characters, Disney artwork on the walls, and a world where they can feel safe, comfortable, and free. Another way that brightness has been incorporated into the hospital’s interior design is the large and extensive glass side of the building whose windows are made of dozens of beautiful colors. As children walk the halls of the building, they’ll be greeted by sunshine that shines through colors of red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple. This only works to make the building more friendly and comforting for children at a time that they need it most.

Florida Waterman Hospital – Tavares, Florida

The next beautifully designed building that features gorgeous hospital interior design is the Florida Waterman Hospital. The interior design of this hospital is nothing like the exterior. While the exterior is white, sleek, and reflective of Florida’s relaxing atmosphere, the interior features beautiful colors throughout the hospital. Ceilings include bright colorful lights, seating is joyous and friendly, while the entire building is also relaxing due to the constant stream of sunshine that filters through the windows that extend everywhere. To add to this, each room include the regular patient white theme, but always with a splash of color that mirrors the style of the building outside of the patient’s room. This medical facility completely works to help patients feel at ease and less stressed in their surroundings.

Southwest Washington Medical Center – Washington State

The final hospital on this list that is recognized for its beautiful interior design is the Southwest Washington Medical Center. This medical center is designed in a modern manner. Most of the building’s floors are wooden, the walls are paneled, and the furniture and lighting is both sleek, bright, and reflective of the new age. The move to making this hospital less colorful and flamboyant is a statement to the focus on technology and patient care. Lastly, the building also includes refreshing lighting that comes in through the massive windows that extend throughout the building.


While many do not consider it, health care interior design is does not only work to make the building look beautiful, but it also helps patients feel more comfortable and in a safe environment. With up to date and aesthetic medical facilities, they gain confidence that the place that they are being treated is a state-of-the art center for treatment. As suggested by the above hospitals, interior design is only moving forward and working to beautify medical institutions for both the patients and the medical professionals that work there.

David Benton is an architect with a passion specifically for medical facilities. He wants to share 5 beautifully designed buildings with you.