5 Bathroom Renovation Tips

Before you rush to renovate your bathroom set a budget for your purchases. Even if you have the means to go all out a bit of number crunching usually reveals what you absolutely need and what you don’t need to fix up your bathroom. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean better but reining in spending can help you design your bathroom tastefully and practically without breaking the bank.

Underfloor heating or rainshowers are high end, sweet bathroom features which should only be considered after all of your practical needs are met below budget.

Use these 5 tips to renovate your bathroom effectively.

Paint Selection

Bathroom paint needs to hold up against high moisture levels. Frequent, extended baths and showers will put the paint job through its paces. Buy premium paint to avoid ugly peeling caused by excess humidity. Gloss paints that have a mould-inhibitor are ideal for a bathroom renovation.

Shower Drain Selection

Gone are the days of the old school, classic shower drain. Modern stainless steel drains effectively control the flow of water as it exits your shower stall or bathtub. Grates may run the entire length of some shower stalls for effective drainage. If you do it up with a shower grate hire a tiler and plumber to get the job done. You can purchase a fine-looking shower grate at a good price by shopping around.

Add Space to Your Bathroom

Don’t overdo things. Use space intelligently to create a more warm, inviting and comfortable feel to your bathroom. Go with a clear shower screen and install cabinets which stretch to the ceiling to add space to the room. Nothing feels more claustrophobic than jamming too much stuff into a smaller room.  More daring folks can go with no screen to create a wet room or if you’re a bit more modest try a frameless shower screen to create a spacious environment.

Less means more when it comes to bathroom add ons. Before you add anything to your bathroom ask yourself if its presence adds or detracts from the inviting feel you wish to achieve. In more cases than not you intuitively know when to stop adding items to the room.

Install a compact vanity with a side-mounted basin to save space.  If you’re not quite as concerned with space saving around your vanity buy chrome-plated tapware with both hot and warm dials.

Accessorize Tastefully

Cosmetics and other accessories can be a canvas for you to work with inside of your bathroom. If arranged tastefully you can design a masterpiece with a handful of bottles and other containers. Stack towels on open shelves and use hamper space creatively to add flair to the room.

Buy vanities with an eye on the overall décor of your bathroom. Correlate your glam accessories with hardware to create a visually appealing environment.

Color Selection

Off-white or white colors create the illusion of space. Since most bathrooms are on the smaller side consider using light colors to both brighten up and super size the room.  Match towels, vanities, hampers and other accessories in color to create continuity.