4 Most Popular Wearable Tech Gadgets

There are different varieties of electronic gadgets available in the market to choose from. This is all because of the technological developments being made. Every person has his or her own taste and style, when it comes to the electronic products. The fact with wearable electronic devices is that it is a show of your style, your taste and even your character. You select to place your iPad Mini or Mac, the preferred geekiest T-shirt you dress up for your work or class, or even your option of tablets. There are lots of wearable fashionable and functional electronic products that have the look of everyday accessory simple, but the influential; gadgetry. Some electronic gadgets are mentioned below:

  • Interactive and Unique T-shirts

There are geeky T-shirts that are not actually new in the market. But if you will place it in some sort of electronics, some AA batteries, switch off the lights. What you will get is an equalizer that dances on your chest. This equalizer reacts to the sounds or voices that surround you to provide you with the best and wonderful fun experience.

  • Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Similar to the Google Glasses, these glasses was the latest devices appeared in the year of 2013. They are equipped with the pairing of Android Smartphone gadget with the help of a Bluetooth device. They are available with GPS, a storage capacity of 4 GB, Wi Fi and android 4.0. With this device, you will be able to start apps from your Smartphone device and see all the things shown on your 800×400 p screen in front of your eyes. A tech lover can enter the world of amplified reality using this cool wearable gadget.

  • Swarovski USB Necklace

As you know that there are lots of USB and flash drives available in the market to choose from, but it is one of the best one that provides you with a classy and positive appearance. It is one of the wearable devices preferred by tech lovers all over the world. It serves as a portion of a line of crystal studded universal serial bus drives. It has a storage capacity of 4 GB and acts as a necklace by Swarovski. A tech lover can become elegant and sophisticated at the same amount of time. It is a perfect gift for Valentine’s special as it includes two part heart shaped necklace.

  • Nike+ Fuelband

This wearable gadget tracks different things of your life, including the daily workout sessions and the amount of calories burnt, while performing those sessions. When you perform any exercise activity, the LED light will glow and allow you in knowing about your progress. With this tech gadget, you can set these objectives, notice detailed growth, and unlock accomplishments in order to remain dedicated and confident. You can share all your goals or progress on your social network accounts with the help of its app available for iPhone. If you want to make a resolution on the eve of the New Year to maintain a healthy and disease free lifestyle, and then it is the best and affordable wearable tech gadgets to buy.