How To File An SR-22 Insurance Form

How To File An SR-22 Insurance Form

Operating a vehicle without proper insurance coverage, racking up points on your driving record or committing a major traffic offense is likely to leave you with a suspended driver’s license. When this happens, a number of states require their drivers to file an SR-22 insurance form with the DMV before allowing them to legally get back behind the wheel.

Though it’s a pretty commonly used document, most people who have never had cause to look into it before are unfamiliar with the requirements of an SR-22 and aren’t sure how to go about obtaining the form, which serves as proof of financial responsibility and is an addendum to a standard insurance policy. The process of acquiring an SR-22 filing begins much like that of searching for any auto insurance, but there are a few differences you must watch out for.

Find Eligible Insurance Providers

The insurance company you sign up with will be responsible for submitting your SR-22 insurance form to the DMV, but not every company is authorized to do so. This means it’s important to find providers that are licensed and meet state qualifications to avoid further penalty. There is also the possibility that some providers may not be willing to give coverage to high risk drivers, which is what you’ll be considered after a license suspension. So even if you have a current insurance provider, they may not be inclined or able to offer you SR-22 services.

Compare Quotes

It’s best to shop around and find a few different insurance companies that can do an SR-22 filing to ensure you find the most affordable deal. There are websites that will compare quotes almost instantly from several eligible providers at one time, saving you some research. Regaining your driving privileges can be quite costly, so it’s a good idea to make certain you see all your options before making a choice, even if that means switching from your existing provider.

Fill Out the SR-22 Form

After deciding on an insurance company, it will be time to fill out your SR-22 insurance form. A lot of this will be basic information, but it’s important to have all accurate data pertaining to your driving record and to be completely honest with your provider, supplying all the facts about why you need to file an SR-22 in the first place. Withholding details can result in cancellation of the policy or an increase in payments and cause your license to be delayed when getting reinstated.

Have the Form Filed on Your Behalf

The SR-22 form can now be filed with the DMV either electronically or by mail, showing you have obtained the appropriate amount of liability coverage as required by your state. After the initial filing, a monthly follow-up will let the DMV know that your policy remains active until you no longer have to carry the SR-22 addendum.

Filing an SR-22 insurance form is a pretty straightforward process that your insurance provider can assist you with, which will help to take any stress off your shoulders.

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