How Can You Be Sure Of Your Online Friend?

Online conversations are a great way to start a relationship with someone you wouldn’t normally meet and often have a successful and happy outcome for both parties. However, as is often depicted in the media, online relationships can have a dark side too. If you’re not sure about the person you’re talking to online then read on and find out how we can help.
Are They Too Good To Be True?
How much do they know about you or how much could they have found out? The best way that people you meet online get into conversation with you is by convincing you that you’re interested in the same things. Think about what you may have told them and what they have said which suggests they have information from elsewhere. Is there anything they have said about themselves which seems perhaps too perfect? Some people really are that similar and have a lot in common but it is hard to judge where to draw the line. If you have suspicions that they seem almost too right for you then maybe they are.
How Much Do You Actually Know About Them?
Another trick of suspicious persons who contact you online is that they make it seem as if you are sharing a lot of information about each other when actually they are just learning about you. What do you actually know about the person you are talking to and how far do you believe what they are telling you? If you consider all the details of your life and personality that you leave out when communicating with someone new, think about some of the things that they could be hiding from you.
What to Look Out For
Obviously not everyone who uses the internet is an unsavoury character and some really happy relationships begin online but it is important that you are aware that not everyone can be trusted and what you should be on the lookout for. Some individuals are not as good at hiding their intentions and are easier to avoid. If someone is persistent in asking for various details from you or request that you send them pictures that you do not wish to send, then this behaviour should be classed as suspicious and taken seriously. Most individuals are more subtle but any behaviour that arouses your suspicions or makes you feel uncomfortable should not be tolerated.
How Can I Be Certain That They Are Who They Say?
We have various different methods of investigation at our disposal which will allow us to find out more about the individual at your request. Using any information you can provide, our operatives can discover as much or as little about an individual as you require. Whether you wish to simply confirm that the person you are talking to is who they say they are or wish for a full investigation into character and lifestyle, there will be a service available to you. Your safety is the most important thing and your security and wellbeing is worth retaining.
Make Sure That You:

  • Never give out your address or other contact details online.
  • If you decide to meet up with someone you’ve met online that you pick a public location and let someone else know what you are doing.
  • Don’t always trust photographs.
  • Only share information you want to share and don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Trust your instincts! The best person for you to trust is yourself.
  • Use an established and recognised site that seems safe and doesn’t ask odd or seemingly irrelevant questions.
  • Only meet up with someone when you are ready and want to do so. Don’t feel pressurised.
  • Carefully monitor children and young people using online chat rooms and social networks.

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