Which Dress Styles Are Best For Professional Women?

How to dress for a professional work environment has long been a challenge faced by many women.  Men are often the lucky ones, as they can easily decipher their required dress code and wear a sharp-looking suit and tie. For women, however, it is often a much more difficult process.
Should they wear a suit so they ‘fit in,’ or would a dress be better? If they are going to wear a dress, which styles and colours are acceptable?
It is the latter question where we have firmly laid our sights. If a professional woman wants to wear a dress to work, what are her options?

Kaftan Dress

While the kaftan dress is a traditional Islamic garment, kaftan and similar designs are a popular choice for many women around the world. Muslim women favour kaftans as it preserves their modesty while providing a functional yet stylish piece of work-wear. While women from other cultures may not wear a kaftan for religious reasons, they still find the comfort and other benefits of such dresses appealing.
Perhaps the biggest positive aspect of a kaftan is that it isn’t blatantly formal or casual either way. One can wear it to work, look professional, and then head out to a social function or be comfortable when they get home without needing to quickly get changed.
Pencil Dress
When it comes to simple yet professional looking style, the pencil dress is definitely one of the global leaders. It’s no nonsense sense of ‘what you see is what you get’ makes it another style favoured by women everywhere, and definitely has formal stamped all over it.
While it isn’t necessarily something you would look to sit around the house in, pencil dresses are good to wear in either summer or winter conditions, as a small jacket or a thicker, warmer coat both look fashionable when worn alongside them.

Casual Style Dresses

Due to the nature of the dress making it a traditionally formal piece of attire, women can often get away with wearing casual style dresses filled with colour or patterns in a professional environment.
We’re obviously not talking over the top in terms of colour, but contemporary designs such as stripes and polka dots are popular, as too are tasteful floral prints. With formal shoes and black tights, such styles will easily be accepted in most professional workplaces.
Women have a range of style options available when it comes to their work attire. Whether they choose a kaftan for religious or comfort reasons, or go for something sporting a modern print, women everywhere can head to the office comfortable and confident in themselves.
Aisha is a fashion stylist for the Islamic clothing market, specialising in kaftan dresses, that are predominantly aimed at Muslim women with multiple roles to play in modern society.