What Is The Best Material To Make A Wallet From?

What material is your current wallet made from?
You’ve probably not given it much thought when it is working just fine, but when your money starts to spill from a hole in worn fabric, or the rain makes your cards and notes all soggy, it is time to start thinking about investing in a wallet which will actually carry your money in a secure manner.
Let’s take a look at three of the finest popular wallet materials available today:
Sure, it might be a pretty obvious choice, but there are many reasons why leather has been the wallet material of choice throughout the ages:

  • It looks and feels great, naturally: Man-made materials, no matter how well made, can never truly match the properties of nature’s finest substances: leather is no exception – it simply looks, feels and even smells better than virtually any other wallet material.
  • It is hard-wearing: Leather is super-rugged: in fact, it is one of the few substances which actually improves with age: it will form a naturally beautiful patina with use, which will enhance its appearance and texture; if properly cared for, a leather wallet can last you a lifetime.

Stainless Steel Weave
With the latest high tech threats of RFID theft, it is possible for crooks these days to hack credit cards wirelessly – this has prompted some wallet manufacturers to respond with a high-tech solution: stainless steel woven wallets!

  • Secure yourself against RFID theft: Stainless steel woven wallets will block radio signals, meaning that you can feel more secure about carrying your important cards with you.
  • One of the most robust materials available: Whilst stainless steel weave wallets will never look or feel as good as more traditional leather varieties, they still make a good option for those in need of added durability.

Duct tape
Whilst duct tape may not be the immediate material that comes to mind when thinking of wallets, it has become a popular choice among individuals who are looking to craft a cheap, durable DIY money/card holder.

  • It’s cheap, but not pretty: The biggest advantage of this material is that most of us have a roll or two of the substance lying around at home, meaning that a duct-tape wallet can be constructed for a fraction of the cost of other materials; It won’t be able to match a more conventional wallet in terms of appearance, feel or durability, but then you’ll be able to easily repair or cheaply replace it as it wears down over time.
  • It’s easy to customise: There are plenty of patterns that you can use online, when it comes to folding your very own duct-tape wallet: combine this choice with the variety of colours that duct tape is now available in and you could end up with a wallet unlike any other.
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