Wedding fashions Extend to Decor

Looking back at 2012, it is possible to see where some of the wedding fashions in decor are heading. Celebrity weddings often help determine the typical decor or styles of big occasions for the following year. Here are some of the suggestions you might want to follow this year.

  • Summer camp setup- Matthew McConaughey’s outside safari style has certainly caused a stir in more way than one. As wedding fashions go it is definitely a new concept given that most of us choose an outdoor venue, but with tuxes and gowns. Their beginning party was more of an outdoor BBQ for the entire weekend, which might help us find a new way to hold weddings without going to all the expense of a traditional one.
  • Neutral colours- a bright reception hall? Wedding fashions are going more towards the neutral with beige table cloths, neutral flower colours and places with some amazing chandeliers.

  • Formality is coming back – you might not realize it but wedding fashions have started to turn towards formality even during day weddings. Nuptials are more traditional along with crystal on the tables, silver, and gold accents. It is not just the celebrities who are making certain the good china is out.
  • The flower of the year- who could have guessed the simple peony would be at the top of everyone’s list? Yet is has become the top of the wedding fashions to have peonies in the bouquets, table arrangements and for accents.
  • Garlands have also made a recent reappearance. Garlands with ribbons, paper, or hung from chandeliers are some of the top trends of late. Many are made with hydrangeas and peonies.

Whether you like these particular concepts or you are looking to set your own trends, it can be fun to learn what someone else has done. When things move across the pond from the US, they can be considered as never done before. Of course, if you want to be totally different than any other country and wedding, it is time to come up with something out of the ordinary and based more on personal preferences over traditions. From the dress to the reception you need to create a new concept that will truly make the meaning of your special day unique.

Budget affairs are often needed, so think about how you can keep to your set budget and keep the purse strings closed as some new ideas come into view. Perhaps you are not into neutral colours at all. Instead, you might go for black and red. We all know that black tie is formal and used for weddings, but ever consider a black wedding dress for the sheer beauty it might offer you?

Black is slimming and though it was once a symbol of death and funerals, it can also be used for an elegant and wonderful event. Add in some red for colour and you have two amazing and vibrant colours to bring the life to your ‘once in a lifetime’ party. Try pairing the look off with some classy white wedding shoes to complete the look.