Ten Famous Buildings Struck By Lightning

Lightning is one of the most beautiful yet powerful forces known to mankind, we often watch as a glorious storm brings the wonder of lightning, but what we sometimes don’t know is what this beautiful beast leaves in its wake of destruction.
We see it in the news, the papers and on the internet: statues, buildings and trees struck by the pure force of nature.
But, if asked do you know what famous buildings have been struck by lightning?
Below are ten famous buildings which have struck by lightning, read and wonder at this amazing force of nature and the destruction and power that a single strike can have.

  • Burj Khalifa
    The Burji Khalifa is renowned for being the tallest skyscraper in the world, which is located in Dubai.

The last time this magnificent building was struck by lightning was in December 2012, captured in pictures you can see the magnificent half-a-mile structure being zapped right on the tip by an incredible bolt causing a flash of light in the night sky.

  • The Petronas Towers
    The Pretronas Towers are located in Kuala Lumpur and are famed for being the sixth tallest skyscrapers.

As expected the towers are often hit by lightning, causing a beautiful scene as the lightning strikes between the two tips of the buildings.

  • The Centre, Hong Kong
    Taking pride of place in central Hong Kong this magnificent building is constantly under the threat of thunder.

It was in 2010 that a photograph won the National Geographic Photography contest for a photo of lightning hitting the building.

  • Taipei
    At an impressive 1,670 feet tall this skyscraper located in Taiwan often has lightning striking the top of its antenna causing the most beautiful lightning strike.
  • Willis Tower

The building formally known as the Sears Tower is the ninth tallest skyscraper in the world.
With being one of the tallest in the world it comes hand in hand that it will be struck by lightning when a storm hits.
This beautiful building often catches the eye of photographers looking to capture a beautiful picture in the midst of a storm.

  • Empire State Building
    The Empire State building has been struck by lightning so many times, it’s often described as a huge lightning rod built to attract powerful lightning strikes.
  • The Vatican
    This year we witnessed the Vatican being struck by lightning just as the pope resigned from his duties causing many people to believe they had witnessed a miracle. Hitting the top spike of the Vatican head on, photographs of the lightning strike went global.


  • The Statue of Liberty
    Back in October 2010, a reckless storm hit New York causing a fierce lightning bolt to gloriously hit the defenceless Statue of Liberty.

One very lucky or brave photographer snapped the iconic photo of the statue being hit by lightning, which is now famed for being one the greatest storm photos captured.

  • Q1 Landmark
    This famous landmark inspired by the Olympic torch nested in Queensland, Australia, is the firth world’s tallest building.

Often when thunderstorms hit Queensland you can see lightning hitting the spire top.

  • The Shard
    Last year a spectacular bolt of lightning hit the 1,061FT tower which is located in central London.

Passer-by’s witnessed the amazing strike as London was enduring a weekend of dreadful stormy weather.

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