Tricks to Make You Eat Less

Eating is a desire that is triggered in the mind. We eat even if we are not feeling hungry. In some cases we tend to eat more that what we can burn. As a result, the calories that you fail to burn end up as fat. When we practice mindless eating a lot of times, we end up on the losing end for we gain more weight and it makes us appear less healthy. In order to control the craving that we feel, we have to come up with a mental trick that will make us think that we have had enough, thus, curbing our desire to eat more.

Small Sips

Drinking a glass of soda can be very refreshing. Those who use straws consume less as compared to those who drink it straight from the glass. In addition to this, if we sip a lot of times, we sometimes loose track as to how many ounces we have already taken in. One mental trick that you can use is to take smaller sips. Don’t make a large sip on your glass of soda. Instead, do it little by little. The satisfaction level is the same as when you do a big sip.

Stinky Pick

Stinky dishes rarely get your attention. When we don’t have a choice, we only take a small portion of stinky dishes rather than those that make us salivate due to their delicious smell. Stinky dishes won’t trigger your hunger drive. In addition to this, you only take a small portion of the dish rather than fill your plate with it. That’s the reason why stinky foods don’t have toll free numbers like most fastfood fare that you can just call and order over the phone for home delivery.

Color Contrast

The plate color can make us desire more of a specific dish. To trick our mind, we have to contrast the food color with the color of the plate that we serve our food on. This is according to the Journal of Consumer Research. When you serve mashed potatoes, make sure you don’t put it on a white plate. Pick a color that will contrast the mashed potatoes and you’ll find out that the person to whom you serve it will consume less of it.

Vibrating Fork

There’s a fork in the market that vibrates when it senses that you have a lot more bites per minute. When you use it, it can help you determine if you’re eating too much, thus you may put on the breaks a little. The only setback that researchers see in this product is that it’s only available in fork form. If the consumer uses a spoon, there’s no way for him to determine if he’s eating too fast.

Small Plate Advantage

When we take in food, we consume 92% of what we put in our plates. So if you have a smaller plate and decide to leave-off the 8 percent, you will still be eating less 20% as compared to those that are eating from regular or larger plates. If you have issues in halting your food intake, try this out especially in parties. You’ll find out that your satisfaction level is the same as when you use a regular or bigger plate.

Dimmer Lights

When you date someone in a restaurant with dimmer lights and soft music, you’ll find out that the food they serve is normally less compared to a regular plate. But the satisfaction you get is very fulfilling. Dim lights can trick the mind to eat less and get filled up right away. Add a little soft music and you’ll easily have your fill with a smaller serving.