Top Tips For Controlling PMS

Controlling PMS
Controlling PMS

Some women find that they get really bad symptoms each month when they get PMS. Some women have good and bad months. Some women have no problems at all. The reasons for the PMS symptoms are the hormonal change going on in the body. The main ways to improve PMS are healthy eating, exercise, stress management and medication.

Healthy Eating

It has been found that by eating a healthy balanced diet, the symptoms of PMS can be reduced. Some women find that there are specific foods that can help or make things worse. Caffeine, can lead to higher stress which may make PMS symptoms worse. Having a balanced diet can also help some women. Making sure the blood sugar stays level can also help and this can be achieved by eating frequently and having foods that release energy slowly such as whole grains, proteins and fats and avoiding sugar and white carbs. Getting plenty of nutrients from a range of foods especially fruit and vegetables can also help.


Exercise is something which we tend not to feel like doing when we have PMS. However, by exercising regularly throughout the month, it can help to make it easier to do so when you do have MPS. The advantages of exercise are that the endorphins produced can help to make you feel better overall. If you go outside, the sunshine can also give you a boost.

Stress Management

Managing stress is not easy. Many of use get stressed on a daily basis but it is not healthy for us. At a time when hormones are high, such as when we have PMS, stress can be even more of a problem. It is therefore important to have some stress management tools to use. It is worth practising relaxation or other techniques as often as you can, so that when it does come to the time of the month when you have PMS you will be calmer anyway and in the habit of doing so.


There are some people that suffer from PMS so badly that they get prescription medication from their GP to help. However, there are people who would rather not take this sort of medication and look for more natural remedies. There are some things that can help and so it is worth discussing it with your GP to find out whether they can recommend anything. Make sure you do ask them as they will be able to let you know whether there is anything that may be unsafe for you. Many people assume natural remedies must be safe, but they can have side effects, be dangerous if you have certain medical conditions or have an effect on other medication. It is therefore always wise to check first.
It is worth trying a selection of different things when you want to combat PMS. There are a lot of different things that might be able to help you. Each person is different and so may find different things helpful. Try experimenting with things as you will never know what might work. It could make a significant difference to how you feel each month.
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