Top 3 Cheap Business Laptops From Hewlett Packard

Top 3 Cheap Business Laptops From Hewlett Packard

   Whether you work somewhere are as an employee or you’re running your own business, you need a laptop. Nowadays, every part of our life is attached to these semiconductors. We cannot even imagine life without computers. So, in our quest of searching the best laptop for our personal and business work, most of the time we end up making an average choice which is neither good nor bad for service the purpose. We never happen to make the best choice and stick with it for the next 2-3 years.

   To accomplish that, I have compiled a list of 3 best business laptops that will serve for your business and personal needs and the most important part, you can stick with it for the next 2-3 years.

1.     HP dv6-6033cl  (Price $518.36) at

Top 3 Cheap Business Laptops From Hewlett Packard

Consider this laptop as your life partner because it will never step back. Running on Intel Core i5 processor, this machine processes almost everything seemingly fast, performance is fluid and you will never notice a lag. You can do anything on it ranging from photo and video editing to playing some high-end games like Assasins Creed 4. Also, if you want to have a top notch protection, you can put its fingerprint reader to use.

Technical Specifications:

Operating System – Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor – Intel 4th Gen Core i5-2410M
Hard Disk – 640GB SATA
Display – 15.6inch
Graphics Card – Intel HD Graphics 3000
Weight – 5.78pounds

2.     Chromebook 14 (Price $239.95) at

Top 3 Cheap Business Laptops From Hewlett Packard

If you are someone like me who is surfing the internet most of the time, then this is the best laptop for you. The Chromebook completely functions on the Chrome OS, it feels as if the whole laptop is inside the Chrome browser. If you will be using your laptop for checking emails, browsing internet, typing documents and some similar stuff, then this is the best machine for you. The specifications of Chromebook are low as they are not much required but the battery backup is almost double than the other laptops that run on Windows OS.

Technical Specifications:

Operating System – Chrome OS
Processor – Intel 1.4GHz Celeron 2955U
Hard Disk – 32GB SSD
Display – 14inch HD WLED display
Graphics Card – Intel HD Graphics
Weight – 4.17pounds

The storage space is low because you won’t be required to store all of your content on the laptop itself. You get 100GB of Google Drive space free with Chromebook. So in this way, you will never lose your documents.

The only downside of this type of laptop is that you can never change its OS. Many of the users tried to change the OS, some of them were successful in it but then started noticing some serious lags and then after some months the laptop was dead because any other OS just doesn’t matches the hardware in it. Also you wouldn’t be able to do some serious photo and video editing on this machine unless you find some website or application that lets you do this on the internet itself.

3.     HP Elite Book Revolve 810 G2 Tablet (Price $2,944.39) at

Top 3 Cheap Business Laptops From Hewlett Packard 3

Ever felt like you want to use your tablet or something like that on which you can continue to work? Or you just don’t want to work on your laptop and instead, want to purchase a tablet which functions as a laptop? HP has already felt like that before. The EliteBook is at your service.

This laptop can also be used as a tablet when you feel like you want one. Just rotate the screen backwards and your tablet is ready to be exploited and when you feel like you want more typing speed and require a keyboard, just rotate the screen and there you have your keyboard. This is not just the end, the best processor is included in this laptop-tablet and so you can even do some hardcore work like photo editing, video editing and play some high-end games.

Technical Specifications:

Operating System – Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)
Processor – Intel 2.4GHz Core i7-4600U
Hard Disk – 256GB mSATA SSD
Display – 11.6inch
Graphics Card – Intel HD Graphics 4400
Weight – 1.4kg

So there you have it. The top 3 business laptops by HP which can also serve your personal needs like gaming etc. If I were you, I would purchase the EliteBook, because I play games on the same PC on which I work but I want it to be portable so that I can work from anywhere I want.

Now you know what I’m going to purchase but what about you? Which laptop will you purchase?

Jessi is a editor for HSS located in Brazil. I also run a online english teaching services since 3 years.