Top Tips For Chandelier Shopping

Chandeliers can totally transform any room, giving them a beautiful, expensive look. But with so many different styles, colours and sizes to choose from, where do you even begin to look for your perfect chandelier?
Choosing your chandelier will come down to personal taste.  But with a vast range to choose from, this is a basic guide of some simple things to consider.
Debenhams alone have over 90 styles of chandeliers. With prices ranging from £55 – £400, a good starting point would be to determine your budget. Decide your minimum and maximum prices and this should narrow down your search instantly.
Which Room?
Consider the atmosphere of the room your chandelier will be placed in and what impression of that room you would like to portray. This can help in choosing a colour. In my opinion, white chandeliers have a romantic, warm feel to them and would be perfect for a bedroom. Silver chandeliers often look classy and stylish, so would be useful in transforming any living room. Black chandeliers could give a traditional look to a hallway or dining room. Coloured chandeliers could be used as a fun way to brighten up your child’s bedroom, or to pick out colours in your living room. Of course, your current décor will also play a part in choosing the colour of your chandelier.
Size Matters
The size of your chandelier is important. You probably don’t want it to completely swamp your room, but it still needs to be big enough to be noticeable and make a statement. Before purchasing your chandelier, make sure you check all measurements and try to determine what would be right for your room. It is also a good idea to check the returns policy for the place you purchase from, as it is sometimes hard to imagine how something will look until you can actually see it in its place.
Stylish And Appropriate
Eye-catching, stylish chandeliers can become a real focal or talking point, so it’s important to choose one that you are happy with. Not only will it look good alone, but it can help pick out the different features of the room it is placed in. In a dining room especially, placed above the dining table, a good chandelier will draw attention and highlight the table. This can help present your home in a stylish fashion to guests too!
Chandeliers can make a real style statement if chosen correctly. Can you think of any useful tips when it comes to shopping for chandeliers?

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