Top 6 Online Games for 2013

With the era of technology and internet, online games are becoming a trend. They provide you with the type of game you want to play without any hassle of downloading or purchasing. Just search for the website and enjoy your favourite game. However, these games may not be able to provide that high quality overall which games especially designed for different platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation etc. may but they are sufficiently good for satisfying a person who is more concerned for enjoying his free time instead of sitting long hours playing game. Here we will have a look on the 6 best online games of 2013.

Speed Racing

If you like racing games, you will surely love this one than any other online game. It offers 3D graphics showing clear stunts and movements your car makes. Show off your racing skills in this wonderful racing game. It will definitely make your boring time special.


That is a quite interesting game with a great plot. We all have listened about people going to space and exploration programs being carried out in other planets. Now it is time to imagine what if wars were held in space and other planets. This is a shooting game based on a war in space. You may have never played a shooting game on such theme and that is the thing which makes it different and best.

Funky Truck

The main purpose of this enjoyable game is to drive a truck on different paths and complete each level as soon as possible. Such games are also available for download on Android smartphones. Similar to racing games, time is an important aspect of this game but what makes it different is that it is the race against time.

Monkey Island

This is an addictive game which you need to play once and you will come to like it. The main objective of this game is to join the pieces of land in the most appropriate way to protect it from the attack of monkeys. The game involves use of thinking skills which can help you in practical life as well.

Trivia Machine

The game strategy and gameplay mainly depends upon the category of skill you choose at the start. You are given choice between categories like movie, music and history. From these choose the one you enjoy the most and have some relaxing game. This will definitely reduce your stress from your daily work so do check it out!


This is a puzzle game. Not only it is interesting to play but also gives your decision power a boost. You may be required to make many quick decisions in your life with confidence. For that this game is perfect as it gives you a good practice and enhances your skills. So this game is a great and creative way to utilize your free time and increase the skill which will assist you throughout your life.

Hope You like the article on Top 6 online games for 2013.