Top 5 Menu Items For A Hen Party

When you throw a hen party there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. Unless everyone goes out to the clubs, you need to be well stocked and well prepared to keep everyone fed throughout the evening, possibly even serving a dinner. And even in the cases where you’re all going out having some food available prior to the actual party can make a huge difference, as it helps keep people from getting hungry and provides them with something to snack on to keep their stomachs full and ready for the alcoohol. Here are the top five menu items for a hen party.
The entire evening is about being a little wild, letting the bride-to-be cut loose for one more time before she gets hitched. Because of this you want to make sure you have the stuff ready to make most of the common cocktails available, even going so far as to set up a cocktail bar for people to mix up some drinks. Even if the party isn’t at your home having this can be a huge bonus, since having a few drinks before heading out to the clubs or bars can save a lot of money in getting through those initial phases of drinking and to the buzz.
Finger Foods
Finger foods are an absolute must when you’re setting up. Whether you’re making a meal, ordering a caterer or everyone’s going out, having finger foods prior to and after the event are essential. They offer something for people to focus on when talking and mingling. They also help people fill up before drinking, which can make the night last much longer. There are plenty of finger foods to buy frozen, or to make, and in the worst case scenario just laying down some chips really helps.
If you’re providing dinner then you might have to cook for a lot of people. Depending on the atmosphere of the night there is a large variety of dishes that can be made, but the key thing is to be able to cook in bulk. There are a lot of smaller dishes that can be assembled to allow people to pick from, including meat balls, salads, cold pasta dishes and much more.
Fish Delicacy
In the case of a more formal dinner it’s often wise to provide a couple options for people to pick from, to try and cater to a larger group of people. When offering them a choice the best thing to offer is a fish and a meat, typically steak, and they can take whatever they prefer. Keeping it limited also makes it easier for you or for the restaurant, as well, since cooking multiple dishes can be hard.
Finally, while it might be a bit crass, there are few things better than ordering a pizza and getting delivery, especially in a much less formal atmosphere. A hen party should be a gathering of friends, so you should all be able to come to an agreement on what kind of toppings you might like.
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