Three Natural Testosterone Boosts

In the digital age that we live in, enough has been said about how important Testosterone is to a man’s body functioning as it should. So many of the critical reproductive processes in the male body rely on ample amounts of Testosterone, as well as a host of other aspects such as muscle growth, bone density, and mood stability.
However, even with Testosterone’s importance being such a public fact in medical journals and online, many men have to scour the Internet to find worthwhile, applicable information to help them increase their Testosterone levels, and get their bodies more under their own control.
This list is of course not comprehensive, but here are four rock-solid habits that just about any man can adopt into his life, and reap the benefits of higher, more balanced Testosterone:

Get Rid of Stress, and therefore Cortisol

This may be a surprising choice for the number one boost for Testosterone; many might have anticipated the increased intake of a certain vitamin, or the call for more exercise. Those directives will come, but if we are going to actually improve healthy male functioning, we need to address what get’s in the way: Cortisol.
Cortisol is a chemical the body produces and inserts into the bloodstream while under duress; it kicks our bodies into survival mode, and is our best friend in threatening situations. However, while Cortisol is present, Testosterone and its effects are put on hold.
The problem is this: when we’re stressed, our brain allows Cortisol in because it feels threatened. But if we’re stressed all the time…Testosterone and other beneficial hormones are choked out of proper functioning.


The fact of the matter is that although exercise in all its forms are wonderfully beneficial to the human body, there are specific types that are tailored to specific functions. And for men, the type of physical activity that really unlocks and sparks huge Testosterone production and circulation is high-intensity exercise, particularly sprinting and lifting weights.
The reason why sprinting has such a greater effect than jogging, or why lifting weights does more than cardio, is difficult to enumerate. However it is scientific fact that, for whatever reason, sprinting and weight-lifting are exponentially more effective at firing up Testosterone levels in a man’s body than just about anything else (sex is one of the few exceptions…)

Minimize Processed Food

An entirely different article could (and probably has) been written as to how the majority of the food we have available to us is heavily processed. Yet another could describe how detrimental all the processed chemicals and substances are to our body. But in this article, the point that needs to be communicated is that finding and enjoying non-processed food is not as hard as it may seem.
There are many way to do this. When grocery shopping, stay on the perimeter of the store as much as possible, lending your cart to fruits, veggies, and whole grains rather than complex carbohydrates or heavily preserved meal substitutes. Better yet, try a farmer’s market or whole food grocery store. It’s not that you need to cut all the foods out of your diet that you love…just find the more natural, less-processed version. In many cases, it’ll actually taste better (i.e. organic versus base-grade chicken breast…grill the two up side by side, and taste for yourself).

A Note on Testosterone Therapies

Many men have adopted these habits, and still haven’t quite obtained the results they are hoping for. Particularly for older men in this situation, if a healthy lifestyle has been yours for some time, and you still feel less than yourself, there do exist some effective Testosterone therapies, but be wise in your decision-making process. Hormones within the body are sensitive and complex; trust only those who show high levels of experience and professionalism.
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Written by Clif, freelance writer for transformyou AZ, a Phoenix-area professional wellness center.