Beyond CSI: 3 Thrilling Positions in Criminal Justice

Criminal justice is an exciting college major. You study everything from how to apprehend and arrest criminals to prosecuting and punishing them. Additionally, you learn the balance between public order and individual rights. This prepares you for several thrilling careers in criminal justice. So if you want to work in a real-life CSI environment, here are 13 thrilling positions in criminal justice you can pursue.

Helping Make the Streets a Safer Place with a Career in Law Enforcement

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The most obvious career choice with a degree in criminal justice is to be some sort of law enforcement officer. However, there are several different types of officers to choose from. You’ll have to undergo physical training in addition to your degree, but both physical and classroom training is required. Take a look at the following jobs in law enforcement you can pursue with a degree in criminal justice.

  • Work as a city police officer to stop criminals
  • Enforce traffic safety laws as a motorcycle cop
  • Help criminals get back on the right track as a correctional officer
  • Detect drugs and find criminals working as a K-9 officer for a city or state
  • Be the first to respond to a crime scene and begin investigating as a crime scene examiner
  • Help solve criminal cases by working as a detective

Putting Criminals Behind Bars with a Career in Criminal Prosecution

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Every person is entitled to a fair trial, and you can defend this right with a degree in criminal justice. You can be anything from a paralegal to a judge, depending on the amount of additional training you are willing to take beyond your degree in criminal justice. Of course, the more training you get, the more money you can make. Take a look at some careers in criminal prosecution you can pursue with a degree in criminal justice.

  • Defend or prosecute criminals as a criminal justice lawyer
  • Provide support to lawyers and judges as a court paralegal for criminal cases
  • Decide the fate of criminals in trials as a criminal prosecution judge
  • Keep the public informed about criminal trials and proceedings as a court reporter

Keeping the U.S. Safe with a Career in the Government

If you don’t want to work directly with criminals, there are several jobs in the government that still allow you to use your criminal justice degree. Take a look at the following careers you can do in the government.

  • Work on federal projects as an FBI Agent
  • Protect important people as a Secret Service Officer
  • Keep the country safe as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent
  • Work as a Defender of Homeland Security

If you’re interested in any of these thrilling positions, you should look into a criminal justice masters at to get the skills you need. Of course, some of these careers require more schooling than others, but a degree in criminal justice will put you on the right path for all of them. What criminal justice career do you want to pursue?