8 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Salon Visit

When it comes to your hair, you may be willing to pay any price for beautiful, healthy locks that are well taken care of. Your bank balance, however, may be a little less forthcoming.
Although everyone has a horror story of when a trip to the salon went traumatically wrong, you don’t have to put yourself in dangerous hands in order to save a couple of extra pennies. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some genius ways to snip the cost of a salon trip without having to sacrifice your chances of gaining a glorious new ‘do:

A Thriftier Snip

If you’re hooked on expensive stylists, it’ll do you some good to go out of your comfort zone and try a budget salon. When you need your hair trimming, go somewhere cheap and cheerful. When it comes to colouring your hair, there’s no shame in running back into the arms of your favourite stylist.

Get Savvy About Student Nights

You may be inherently suspicious of hair students toying with your tresses, but for something as simple as a trim, it’s very unlikely that anything catastrophic will occur. You’ll get your hair done for free and you can walk out of that place with a smile on your face, knowing you’ve saved yourself some extra cash.

Tend To Your Tresses

There’s only so much a stylist can do for your locks, if you don’t look after them yourself. Use the right products at home for your hair type and help lock-in colour with shampoos designed for that job. Once a week, deep condition your hair and try to avoid overusing hot styling tools on your strands to keep them from calling out for help.

A Fringe For Free

If you hadn’t heard, ladies with fringes can pop into most salons for a free bang trim. Take advantage of this and you can easily prolong your next appointment. Bringing down the regularity of your salon trips can save you money without compromising the beauty and health of your hair.

Extra Service Scrimping

Skip the blow-dry. Not only does this mean you pay as much as 40% less, but it causes less damage to your tresses. Leave the salon with damp hair (making sure you’re parked close by, perhaps!) and allow your new style to air dry itself.
Furthermore, don’t leave a tip. As grateful as you might be to your stylist for doing a wonderful job, you’re already forking out a lot of money for their services. That’s enough.

Loyalty Programs

Even if you only get one free trim for every five times you sit in the chair, it’s better than nothing. Ask the receptionist if they have a loyalty program in place to keep customers coming back for more.

Colour At Home

A lot of coloured hair needs the occasional touch-up. Talk to your stylist and see if you can arrange a home kit so you can do this yourself, rather than going to the salon every time your roots start to show.

The Highlights

Instead of colouring all your hair, get highlights that are near to your natural hair colour in shade and tone. Highlights need maintaining once in a blue moon, not every month, like coloured hair, and are usually much cheaper.
This post has been brought to iContemplate by the lovely folk over at www.salonsdirect.com, who provide top-quality beauty equipment to salons across the UK. Got a tip for saving some extra cash at the salon? Let us know in the comments!