The Types of Electronic Cigarettes Explained

The New Year’s resolution for most smokers is to quit their bad habit. Although most of them secretly wish they could stop, the truth is that for most of them it is very hard to change an important part of their lifestyle. If you are a smoker who wants to switch to electronic cigarettes, but you don’t know which model to choose, we have written this article, about different electronic cigarette models. There are four major types of electronic cigarettes: classic e-cigs, mini e-cigs, big battery e-cigs and disposable e-cigs.


Big battery electronic cigarettes are recommended especially for people who used to smoke a lot in the past, because they have a very powerful battery which ensures a lot of hours of autonomy. These devices are very efficient, and there are actually a lot of great models you can choose from. Here are a few examples:

  1. Of all BB models, the EGO Tornado is the most popular model, because it is the smallest device from this category and because it provides a large quantity of vapors. It is actually called the „mini big battery” due to its elegant aspect.
  2. You might not have heard about the „Screwdriver”, because it is quite a weird model. However, if you do not take into consideration its looks, it is actually one of the most efficient personal vaporizer around. Great throat hit, good battery life and strong vapor production is what the Screwdriver has to offer.

MINI (Classic) E-CIGS:

Classic electronic cigarettes are much cherished because they are very similar to regular cigarettes. Most people might not even notice they you are smoking an Eco-cigarette. Here are a few mini e-cigs you should consider:

  1. Blu e-cigs are some of the best mini e-cigs models, because they are very powerful, sophisticated, and they come in complete kits. Furthermore, there are a lot of great flavors, and blu electronic cigarettes work with the help of clearomizers, which means that you will experience great quality vapors. If you are lucky you can even win a blu cigs coupon!
  2. The DSE901 is one of the most famous mini electronic cigarettes models. This particular model is very cherished, because it is very powerful for a miniseries device. In terms of size it is approximately 15 cm long, which is almost the same size with a regular cigarette.
  3. There are also some interesting models from the 40X Series. If you take into consideration their appearance, they are almost the exact replicas of normal cigarettes. They only downside to them is the fact that they require regular recharging because the battery isn’t very powerful.


It’s a good thing that manufacturers thought of creating disposable models, for people who are unsure if they want to make the switch or not. They look like classic e-cigs, they cannot be recharged but they can offer inexperienced users a taste of „green smoking”.